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Temperature ranges


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I have looked in the documentation but have not been able to find a list of all the temperature ranges reported by Speccy and what they mean.


For example the following is reported for my hard drive.


Temperature 50°C

Temperature Range warn (50°C to 55°C)


There no description anywhere of what I should do for example when a drive status is "warn". Seen as it's 50°C one above the end of the OK range I know not to worry much. But what's the next range 55°C to 60°C critical - drive about to melt? Probably not but hopefully you see my meaning - it's not easy to judge what to do based on the reading.


Now on processors, there is no description of the temperature range but there is some colour coding. It seems the 50°C to 55°C colour for hard drives applies to processors with temperature greater than 60°C and less than some other limit I haven't reached. It would definately be better if a temperature range was described as for hard drives.


So if you've read all this, then you're probably confused too. Speccy is very useful but I really think more there could definately be more info on what all this temperature info means.



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According to Intel the max cpu temp for my current pc is 60.4C. I could not find specs on the Hitachi HDD.


I suggest you google the mfrs and maybe you can dig up thermal specs for your equipment. Parts are unique, what is too hot for one may be ok with another. Sadly, acceptable temp ranges are just a guess for most users.

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