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  1. I have looked in the documentation but have not been able to find a list of all the temperature ranges reported by Speccy and what they mean. For example the following is reported for my hard drive. Temperature 50°C Temperature Range warn (50°C to 55°C) There no description anywhere of what I should do for example when a drive status is "warn". Seen as it's 50°C one above the end of the OK range I know not to worry much. But what's the next range 55°C to 60°C critical - drive about to melt? Probably not but hopefully you see my meaning - it's not easy to judge what to do based on the reading. Now on processors, there is no description of the temperature range but there is some colour coding. It seems the 50°C to 55°C colour for hard drives applies to processors with temperature greater than 60°C and less than some other limit I haven't reached. It would definately be better if a temperature range was described as for hard drives. So if you've read all this, then you're probably confused too. Speccy is very useful but I really think more there could definately be more info on what all this temperature info means. Thanks
  2. I've tried secure deleting with CCleaner and Recuva. It seems to work. However recently I discovered another free tool called Eraser which seems to also do a good job and is perhaps more suited to the task. It's quite an advanced tool to be used with care but is dedicated to secure deleting files and free disk space. http://eraser.heidi.ie/
  3. The main thing here probably how the files were deleted and second, if any data has been written to the phone since. Firstly if data was written to the phone after files were deleted, then chance of recovery is reduced. Secondly if the files were securely deleted e.g. overwritten many times, then again chance of recovery is more limited. If they were simply deleted using the phone's delete option then that would not be secure deleting. In any case remember that Recuva is a free tool. I accidentally deleted some photos from my camera, a birthday party or something like that. Recuva couldn't get them back and I didn't write anything to the memory card or secure delete the files. If you really had to recover the files I'm sure there are more expensive paid companies which do advanced data recovery but again no guarentee of recovery even if you kept the card as it was since the incident. Actually I have heard this story many times. Check http://www.met.police.uk/about/photography.htm. It's very enlightening.
  4. You can create a desktop shortcut which specifies /options as an argument which will load CCleaner with the Options tab open rather than the Cleaner tab. After a minute of trial and error, I found this works for Registry (/registry), Tools (/tools) and Options (/options). Anything unrecognised loads the Cleaner tab. I think you meant to you wanted to add the Cookies page to the CCleaner Jumplist. That is not possible unless the developers implement it. In anycase Jumplist tasks are to provide quick access to the main sections of programs (Cleaner, Registry, Options and Tools) so I don't think Cookies should be there. Jumplists are quick access to 3 or 4 important application tasks, not another place to build an application menu. As an aside it would be nice if all the commandline options were documented (maybe via /? argument or /help). The only other two I know are /AUTO and /AUTO /SHUTDOWN which clean or clean and shutdown.
  5. Cool, the latest version has implemented these ideas. CCleaner now looks much better on Windows 7.
  6. I'd like to make two points about the recent implementation of Windows 7 Jump Lists and taskbar ProgressBar highlighting. 1. The Jump List Tasks should not contain an "Open CCleaner..." option. This function is already in the Jump List by defauly. It is the words "CCleaner" above the "Pin/Unpin this program to/from the taskbar" button and so just clutters up the Jump List. Other common tasks could be exposed e.g. "Analyze" or "Scan for registry issues". Alternatively, options to jump straight to the various tabs could be exposed e.g. "Registry" and "Tools". In all these "Tasks" the idea is to achieve something in one click which takes more than one normally. 2. The taskbar ProgressBar should turn yellow using the warning state for example when an operation pauses because a warning message is displayed e.g. when "You must close Firefox/Mozilla to allow the Internet Cache to be cleaned." is shown. Currently the ProgressBar just stops progressing and this is confusing because often progress can appear to stop when cleaning large files when actually everything is fine. Thanks
  7. According to the help files: CCleaner.exe /AUTO CCleaner runs silently and automatically, using the current set of saved options to clean the PC. CCleaner then exits. I tried this but apparently, silent running does not make the icon disappear - so much for silent. Perhaps suggesting this as a change on the forums may be an idea. The only thing I could suggest is hiding that partiular tray icon by defalt by using the options in windows, but how you could do that easily on many machines, I do not know! Some other info about running CCleaner on networks... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=14936
  8. I strongly agree with this... in fact I think I've posted a similar suggestion before. Currently all the that green bar does is show that the program is cleaning. Showing progress would be a great improvement to the program.
  9. CCleaner has a useful ability to quote some important system specs like processor speed, graphics card and RAM. I would argue that hard drive size is a key system spec too. Since CCleaner is an effective tool at cleaning up hard drive space, I think that the size of the primary hard drive in GB would be a useful statistic to be included here.
  10. Somewhere to reset all CCleaners settings to the "factory defaults" would be in order too.
  11. Some aversion to the suggestion For the most users all these Ctrl and Shift combinations are fiddley and not obvious or easily discoverable - as demonstrated by one of the posters in this discussion. I've often found when configuring CCleaner on a few other machines I can't get the Ctrl+click to work for whatever random reason - heck try doing that on a laptop touchpad in a very long list of cookies!!!!! I'm often moving loads of Cookies in these lists so the "bad" cookies are deleted but the login ones for all those website people use are kept. I often run CCleaner and then visit all the sites which I want cookies saved for. Then I go to cleaner cookies settings and add them all to the keep list - this is then where the bottle neck is - adding them one at a time! Even if a button wasn't added to help, some sort of text in the window saying "Hold [Ctrl] to select multiple entries" would be useful Hope this explains at least some reasoning behind why this would be useful.
  12. This may be a bit pemature but with the Windows 7 public beta just expected this month, has anyone given any thought to how CCleaner will integrate with the new user interface in this operating system. At the PDC Microsoft described how applications would be hidden from the system tray by default and instead, they were suggesting that applications were designed to run from the task bar instead. I was wondering how this would affect the "run from system tray" option in CCleaner because now it would be hidden by default. An interesting feature was demonstrated which allows the progress of a process (e.g. copy and paste) to be overlayed on the task bar icon as seen here on this Microsoft site (it's the 3rd icon in with the transparent green rectangle over it). When Windows 7 comes around this is something that CCleaner could probably utilise. It would allow the scan to be minimised with real time progress shown in the taskbar icon. Perhaps the "run from system tray" would become defunct... Any thoughts?
  13. There is a way to change the % of the drive used by system restore in Vista via the command line. See detailed instructions here. I agree it's rather annoying that there is no option to change this in some option panel. Personally, I would only change the default if I had a very large hard drive e.g. 320GB+. I find Vista system restore to be quite good, but if the % is reduced too much you may have problems trying to correct problems. On a 1TB drive, for example, it definitely does not need upto 150GB set aside for the system restore!!! Hope this helps
  14. In the Settings>Cookies screen in CCleaner, I think it would be useful to have an "Add all" >> button and a "Remove all" << button which would move all the cookies listed from the Cookies to Delete list to the Cookies to Keep list and vice versa all in one go. In some situations it's quite labourious to select each cookie one at a time to move it to the correct list. I created a screen shot of how this could look using print screen and crop in MS Paint - see attachement.
  15. Would it be possible for an option to be added in CCleaner's next version to delete search history from Windows Desktop Search (WDS) for Windows XP. Currently you can manually clean the history from inside the WDS user interface but this won't be via secure override as in CCleaner and currently, the history is not removed with all options ticked in CCleaner v2.11.636. Since you can search the web directly from this handy search bar rather than just files on your computer, I think this would be a valuable addition. Thanks
  16. For screen cleaning I advise only very light non wet cleaning. Computer screens have a very thin film coating to reduce reflections of your image in them when you work. Anything wet or too abrasive will over time remove the film and make it harder to read the screen.
  17. Updating the drivers is a good suggestion and that worked in part for me when I had wireless connection problems. The other thing I did was install Microsoft's update for wireless in XP, assuming you're running XP of course. After using it, I have never had any problem connecting to the wireless or the internet. Previously, once the connection was briefly lost, I couldn't get a squeak out of the wireless, even with the latest drivers. Knowledge base: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/893357 Download link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en This is going to be part of XP SP3 which should be released "fairly soon". Have a read, see what you think, this may be something that will help but I'd try the driver update first and see if that improves it. elyoh
  18. Glad I could help... Took me 2 days to track that one down when it happened to me - I almost went out and bought a usb external cd/dvd drive!! elyoh
  19. I assume you are using Windows XP? I had what seems to be the exact same problem, my CD drive in XP disappeared unexpectedly. Not sure if it was CCleaner that caused it though. Uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers failed to solve it too. Possible solution I'll try to be as simple as possible but it is a complicated thing to explain: Where you get the yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager, right click and select Properties. Under general tab see if the error code is any of 31,32,19,39 or 41. If it is this may help: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...Ben-us%3B314060 Do read it fully and backup the registry before taking any action as this is a fix which involves messing with the registry. Also you may have to reinstall any CD/DVD burning software after doing the fix. It worked for me, just follow the Microsoft instructions one at a time, step by step. Hope this helps get it fixed. elyoh
  20. That would be useful. Those locations do fill with lots of thumbnails taking up a lot of memory sometimes. BTW I added these as a location under Options>Include and then selected Custom Files and Folders in the Advanced cleaning tree. CCleaner will then clean those locations. elyoh
  21. It would tidy up things especially in situations where synchronisation doesn't delete folders only the contents in them. However, sometimes, programs require folders even if there is nothing in them. When in use the programs place files in these folders temporarily. Deleting the folder may cause the program to crash. elyoh
  22. I think this would be a good suggestion if it ran as follows: 1. You click to run registry scanner. If it finds problems, it prompts you to deal with them. 2. Once it has dealt with the issues you have asked it to, then it automatically scans again, prompts for action - not automatically taking action. This repeats until no issues are found, remembering any errors you have decided not to take action on. elyoh
  23. As an advanced option in CCleaner, it would be useful to be able to overwrite unused hard drive space using CCleaner. Eraser, has this functionality and I think it would fit nicely into CCleaner (or even Recuva) as an advanced option in perhaps a separate button from the main cleaning options. Once this has run, Recuva should not to be able to find any files to recover. It would be very useful for making sure sensitive files are definitely overridden, including ones than get deleted via [shift]+[delete] by-passing the recycle bin and hence not being shredded by CCleaner. elyoh
  24. Hi The progress bar in the CCleaner interface goes from 0-100% and then restarts until cleaning is complete, like a cycle. I think that it would be far better if the progress bar went from 0% to 100% once when cleaning so you know how it's progressing. This sort of progress bar is used in the registry scanning tab when it shows a progress percentage and the bar goes 0-100% once. elyoh
  25. I would like to suggest that the final version of Recuva be made available as a U3 application as well as just a normal installation file so that it can be installed on U3 pen drives through the U3 launchpad interface. I know you can install it currently on a pen drive but U3 is specially designed to allow software installation on pen drives. Since it's recommended running Recuva from a different drive to that which is being recovered, I think this would add great usability to the program. Maybe something for the developers to think about once they have a final release version of product... Thanks
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