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Captain Pike

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I'm running Windows XP. In our house here, we have several computers, all connected via The Microsoft Gateway using my DSL modem/router. This way, someone in the living room using her laptop can print a document in my little office here where I have a network printer. We can even access a large hard drive I have on my computer from any PC on our little in-house network, our intranet.


I am dismayed however, that I am unable to share a WebCam on this network. Anyone know how to do this easily? I would like to be able to view a WebCam which is in another place in my house (without running a long USB cable). Anyone know how to do this?


Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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As far as I'm aware it's not possible to share the camera resource and use it elsewhere on the network as a web cam.

You can however setup software to stream your web cam to be visible anywhere on the network using software.

There are plenty of software solutions however if you want something quick and simple then I recommend Windows Media Encoder 9.


On the web cam PC you just select the video bit rate, frame rate you prefer as well as encoding the audio if you have a microphone.

On the viewing PC you just need Windows Media Player or VLC media player and then open the steaming URL into your player.


Richard S.

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Yes, I think that this standard means is difficult, I think I'll go now flipped through the documentation ... and if still no money ... you can try to write their programs for this. Just like my home network ... I myself would certainly use Linux, but the family was accustomed to WINDOWS.






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I suppose you could do this with something like "Live Messenger" or similar.


It wouldn't be a very slick way of doing it, as the PC with the web cam would also need to have "Live Messenger" (or similar) up and running, but you could monitor the web cam.


As I say, not very pretty, but it should work.


Just a thought.

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