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Deleted 150GB of Large MKV files - NEED HELP!


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Hello all,


Stupidly, I deleted my movie directory because I had disabled the recycle bin feature of Win7. Anyway, I've tried probably 6 programs so far with no luck. Most programs show the files I deleted, but list them at 0kb. (the ones over 4GB that is). One program, Easeus, shows the actual file size for the files, but when I try to recover them, it only spits out empty files. It will recover MKV's under 4GB though with no problem. The program with any luck so far is Recuva.



Here's where I am at. I've gone through 8 different programs (all the ones suggested so far and then some) and their respective quick scans for deleted files and full recovery deep scans. Of them all, only Easeus and Recuva showed any promise. In the end, I was only able to recover one 8GB File with Recuva (and was a .wmv BTW). All the other large MKV's show up in the scans as 0 bytes. No .MKV's have been recovered over 4GB with any program yet. Only the one 8GB .wmv.


Now my question: In Recuva, it shows the deleted files as 0 Bytes, but also says that there are no overwritten clusters detected in the Notes section for each file.


What would make them show as 0 bytes if nothing was written over them? Why can't they be recovered?

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