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Apparent Bug in uninstal process

Kimbo No1

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I am using Vista Home Premium (More's the pity!!!)


Having just installed Recuva 1.31.437 - I realised that I had installed the utility to an incorrect folder.


I have attempted to uninstall intending to then re-install Recuva but to place it within a correct Folder.


During the uninstall process I am advised by Recuva that the uninstallation path is C:\Program Files\Recuva (which is wrong - I have it installed elsewhere) and there is no way of editing the path displayed to the actual folder I installed it to.


If this is not a bug then the opportunity to install to a custom location should not be provided/allowed.


How do I now handle this uninstallation - delete the folder Recuva is located in and then use CCLeaner to fix things up?


I would appreciate some advice and an acknowledgement that the uneditable uninstall path is not intended to be uneditable.


Thank you



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Greetings Hazelnut


I appreciate your very quick response.


I have just tried safe mode but there is no difference - unable to change the 'default' path of C:\Program Files\Recuva.


The reason why I want to remove this install is that I have a dedicated folder for various utilities - this is one of them I wanted - but failed to complete the install path correctly and installed it to c:\Program files\Utilities\File Transfer whereas I really wanted/intended to install it to C:\Program files\utilities\File Recovery.


I only noticed what the uninstall did when I uninstalled (to the default path of C:\Program Files\recuva) to find that the folder recuva contained a Lang folder with 34 files and Recuva.exe and uninst.exe still sitting in the Recuva folder.


I then checked Programs and Features (equivalent to WinXP's Add/Remove) and saw that the Recuva entry was no longer displayed.


Hope Hazelnut this is helpful info to my issue.


Hope you can respond as quick as your first reply.


Kind regards



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If you do start>all programs find recuva and uninstall.exe.


Right-click on uninstall.exe and choose properties.


Where does it say the uninstaller target is?


Are you able to change the target to where it is installed?

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The 'Target' properties is pointing to the folder where I installed (Incorrectly) Recuva.


The 'Start In' properties state the same destination but without uninst.exe


here is no mention anywhere of C:\Program Files\Recuva... The only time the path C:\Program Files\Recuva is ever displayed is when offering that path during the install (this is editable as the installation provides the opportunity to customise the install path) and of course when it is displayed during the un-install process but the path is not editable.





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I think it's a bug. Just for the hell of it, I removed recuva and installed it in a non-default location. All of the registry entries showed the correct (non-default) path, but it displayed the default path in the read-only uninstall dialog, as Kim describes.


I uninstalled, deleted the 'wrong' directory and reinstalled to the correct one - everything is fine. Any files / entries not stored under the specified directory should have been uninstalled / removed correctly. Deleting the directory removed the rest and then I just reinstalled.

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