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the uninstall process attempts to uninstall recuva from the (program files) folder, even when recuva is installed to a totally different folder! there is no provision to edit the (program files) folder name... so that the correct folder name can be entered. recuva has not always had this problem -- the most recent good version, that functions correctly, is v1.127.419 -- can the later versions be modified to correct this issue?

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In the future you can use the Portable build which you can place anywhere without any issues.


As for unisntalling it, you can uninstall it manually here's how to do it:

1. Start Recuva.

2. Click Cancel on the Wizard.

3. Now in the main app click Options->General (tab)

4. Enable: save all settings to INI file (this removes the registry settings)

5. Close Recuva.

6. You can now delete the folder it was originally installed in, and the start menu folders it created.


Or this, possibly faster, and probably more thorough:

Use Revo Uninstaller and perhaps its Hunter Mode.

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