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CCleaner wont start : Runtime error 0


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As usual,a few days ago i updated CC in one of my two pcs,uninstalled via Total Uninstall Version 121 and installed later Version 122: unfortunately this time,after many a successfull update done this way, i double clicked on the newly created icon on desktop only to be returned a


'CCList bar-Runtime Error 0'


and a failed opening of the software. I guess the install went fine, as all files are at their place in Programmes and the icon in desktop was created.....


I tried a sfc /scannow with the XP CD, made scandisk and Defrag, all possible security tests both with antivirus and antitrojans,plus AdAware and spyBot,i am well protected with resident software so i am pretty sure i am not infected...... but i am running out of ideas now. (perhaps VB stuff?)


Version 122 was properly installed and works well in the other pc- i wouldnt like to give up on CC as i see no other alternative.

Can anyone help,please?

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Try again. The file may be bad. Run scandisc first to try and let windows repair (if that's the problem.)





Sorry,gunner,but i already tried 4 times from four different d/l sources,including my other pc working CC; already did Scandisk as i said above, and even tried the fourth time a SafeMode install.....not to mention i reinstalled VB 6.0........

no way....the infamous pop up with the

'CCList bar-Runtime Error 0'

comes up ....

it must be something missing (the Themes Service i disabled?)or corrupted somewhere in my pc (but i just went through an hour of SFC=ok) since the very same software works fine with the other one,but i dont know what.....

i wonder if someone from CC could give a helping hand here......

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