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Recuva Freezes at 5% on deep scan


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I've tried running Recuva several times. The 1st time it hung up at 1%. Now it'll get up to 5% & then it freezes up. I've run it for over 12 hours with no change. Not sure what else I should do. Please help. Thanks.


Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

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Perhaps you could run it in debug mode and attach your log. The developers can then look at it



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I'm getting the same thing - it runs fairly normal until 34% and says 1 hour left and then it stays at 34% for the next 24 hours and the time to completion goes up to 18 hours remaining.

Running a deep scan on Vista Home Basic wiht ver. 1.26.416. It is using about 50% of CPU Usage.

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