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will this run on win 98 first ed?

joe jr

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I may not need it as my computer finally completed a defrag on my system tools defragger. For a while it would hang up and not complete a defragg using my computers defragger. I wonder what causes it to hang up sometimes? I use eset anti virus which does not seem to bog my computer down. I also run ad aware ok. lately spybot has been hanging up when I run it. My computer has been acting kinda slow and buggy but is doing pretty good right now. I added a hard drive so my c drive has plenty of space to run win 98 first ed on the 350 mgh p2, 384 ram.

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Defraggler doesn't run on Win9x systems.


Defraggler supports all OSs released since Windows 2000, this includes Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista. 64-bit support has also just been added! Additionally Defraggler supports both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

For the full features list please view:



If you're having issues with the Win98 defrag program just search for the WinMe defrag.

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