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How To Use: CCleaner /AUTO /SHUTDOWN


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How To Use: CCleaner /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

CCleaner v2.10.618, or newer.

Create a new shortcut with this in it (or the path where you have CCleaner installed):

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

The x64/64-bit version could look like this:

"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner64.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN

What It Does:
1. Allows CCleaner to automatically clean your already user pre-selected items in the Cleaner section.
2. Automatically shutdown your PC.

There's no countdown timer, and it will shut down your PC immediately after CCleaner finishes.

Q: Does this also run the registry cleaner?
A: No it doesn't. There's no parameter to allow for automatic registry cleaning.

To learn of other ways you can use CCleaner command-line parameters view the Piriform Documentation: CCleaner command line parameters


If you need an icon to help distinguish it from the regular CCleaner icon, download the attached zip archive "CCleaner_Auto_Shutdown_Icon.zip" listed below.

The icon is in four standard Windows sizes with 32-bit True color and 8-bit 256 color:
48x48, 32x32, 24x24, 16x16

If you aren't a registered Piriform forum member you can download the icon from:
* MediaFire

The download listed below is from the Piriform Forums, and requires membership with the Piriform Forums, and you must be logged into your member account.



Hashes for CCleaner_Auto_Shutdown_Icon.zip:
MD5: 4888B44B1E35DB0989203B4FE4291CC2
SHA-1: A9F3EA464DE4ED50CB8607C4EA078FD0782BA6BC
SHA-256: AFD06491E2F453D7BFB4BF2B430A12197A902B459FA9D698F1EE36CFA480ECAE


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How to setup the Auto Shutdown feature.


You don't need to download anything, but if you want a different icon to differentiate between running CCleaner normally and with Auto Shutdown you can download the icon from the link above.


Go into CCleaner programs folder, C:\Program Files\CCleaner, and right click the CCleaner exe file. From the right click menu choose "Send To ... Desktop (create shortcut)".


Now go to the new shortcut on the desktop and right click it and select "Properties". You will have a window like this:




Notice where it says target. You need to change that line to look like this:




If you like you can copy and paste this into the target line to get the spacing right:


"C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCleaner.exe" /AUTO /SHUTDOWN


Make sure you include the quote at the start, and then click OK.


That's it. Clicking that shortcut will run CCleaner and then shut down your computer.


If you want to use the different icon, download the file to your computer from the link above, and unzip it into CCleaners folder. It doesn't have to be in there, but it's a good place to keep it.


Now right click the shortcut, selecting "Properties" again. This time select "Change Icon".


In the window that pops up, "browse" to the CCleaner folder and select the new icon you placed in there. Click "Open", and then click OK, and then OK again. And that's it.


If you wish, you can drag that icon down to your Quick Launch Bar, which will give you a 1click, clean, and shutdown.


If you do that, you can then delete the one on the desktop.

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