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File Deletion DOES NOT WORK!

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I ran Recuva and found thousands of jpeg files, they're all small icons and stuff from internet sites. I want to permanently delete them. Is there any possible way?


Select the file(s) to be deleted. Click 'Options...' If one cicks on the 'Advanced' tab of the 'Options' Dialog Box (which appears when one clicks 'Options...') there is a field labelled 'Secure deletion.' In my opinion one should use the Combo Box to select the deletion method one desires for the selected file(s). Clicking 'OK' should then permanently remove the selected file(s). Unfortunately, THIS DOES NOT WORK!!!

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If I have interpreted what you're saying correctly, then what you are saying is incorrect. The Secure Deletion box in Recuva Options specifies what kind of secure deletion is to be used. It does not delete anything. Highlighting a file name and then right-clicking brings up a menu on which Secure delete Highlighted/Checked can be selected. This does the deletion, and deletes according to the method seleted in options - with single pass overwrite being the default.

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Thank you very much.


I have one further question I hope you can assist me with. I found, downloaded, and extracted a 'Beginners Guide'. It result in a help file. I copied this help file into: C:\WINDOWS\HELP. Now I am unable to access it from Recuva. Why is this the case?

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