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Defrag Free Space Problems

some guy

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Hi, can i firstly say I love defraggler. It works amazingly and i'm yet to have trouble using it. So thanks.

I have found however, that whenever I run a complete defrag of my hard drives, it always has toruble defragging free space. it will defrag my files as normal, and then start to defrag fee space. However, EVERY time i run it, it always gets to about 45% Free Space Defragged and then slows down greatly and takes ages to finish. As i speak, I am on my second defrag of my free space, and after completing it once, it is still slowed down at about 45% again. Just thought I should ask if there is a known reason for this, and if there is a fix.



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Guest MrRon

We are currently working on improving the freespace defrag algorithm so that it consolidates freespace when it's defragging files rather than as a separate process. This will make the defrag faster and more effective and also cure any issues like this.




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