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Windows tab - 85MB to be removed - 85MB!


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I've removed over a gigabyte (1024 MB+) before, on several occasions. 85 is pretty low, actually ;)


Most of that is coming from your TEMP folder, most likely. (Start, Run..., %TEMP%)


CCleaner detects nothing but temporary/junk files and most-recently-used lists.

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It's for real, the Analyze isn't 100% accurate, so it may be alittle bit less or more. You would be surprised what I have seen CCleaner clean. It cleaned over 200MB on my friends computer. It's not just Windows tab, it's also Applications tab too. Do you have winapp2.ini? If not get it here. I bet it would even clean more.


BTW, welcome to the CCleaner Forums. I am the Moderator and if you have any questions. Don't be afaird to ask. I am here to help!

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