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  1. I install many of my programs (D:\) on a separate drive from my OS drive(C:\) does CCleaner still automatically detect and clean the programs correctly? What about if I have the folder it is installed into named in a non-default way? If I install MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware in the following location will the program be cleaned correctly by CCleaner: E:\Programs\Securty\Scanners\MB Anti-Malware I am running CCleaner portable 3.11 on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64.
  2. My computer was running fine. I ran the beta version of Speccy beta 108 portable. The program seemed to be running slowly. I would complete getting info on my system. I think the only thing missing was my harddrive info. So I pressed control-alt-del and nothing happened. I clicked around a little but the computer was locked up. I left the room for a couple of minutes and came back to "Verifying DMI Pool Data..." message on a black and white boot screen. I checked the boot order in my bios, and tried restarting several times. I put in a windows xp sp3 cd intending to do a repair. BUT it shows my entire c drive as "Unpartitioned space". My other drives all appear correctly. But not the C drive. Any ideas? DFI LP NF3250GB motherboard 74 gb raptor boot drive
  3. http://www.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/artic...ommon-passwords
  4. This is not necessary. AntiVir is scanning the file as it is downloaded to your hard-drive.
  5. I installed the 1.34.405 slim. Is there any reason for me to update to 1.34.407? "(Updated from build .405 to fix some foreign language issues.)" I couldn't care less about foreign language issues since I am using the english only slim build.
  6. I bought an OEM Raptor drive from Newegg about 3 years ago. I haven't had any problems with it. It had a rebate as well. I do not remember ever receiving the rebate. Good luck.
  7. Don't forget to uninstall the old Java version once you update. Otherwise you are still vulnerable.
  8. As you undoubtably noticed you are running the wrong file. The MD5 you posted does NOT match the MD5 I posted. The word "lite" is not involved in this process. None of the files you are downloading / extracting / running have the word lite in their name. Here are even simpler instructions: 1. Here is a DIRECT LINK TO THE EXE file you should be downloading: ftp://download.intel.com/design/motherbd/...DU_2.1.9.66.exe 2. Unzip the File (DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK ON IT) 3. Navigate your way here: IDU_2.1.9.66\3rdparty\Diskeeper 4. Double click on "setup.exe"
  9. I think that you are doing something wrong. It works for me (DFI motherboard). You are downloading the large 88.9 MB file? NOT the file labeled "Intel Desktop Utilities v2.1.9.66 [EXE 14.6 MB]". Can you post the MD5 of the setup.exe file you are launching? It should be: 3a13bf2233a55a84fe0bf0dd04ad34ee Please double check you are downloading the correct file.
  10. As Andavari notes XP has a scaled down version of Diskeeper. But I think that during the almost 5 years that XP was released Diskeeper must have made some improvements. To get your own copy of Diskeeper lite 9.0.528.0 (free) you need to: Go here: http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/idu/ Download: "Full Version - Intel Desktop Utilities v2.1.9.66 [EXE 88.9 MB]" Unzip the File. Navigate your way here: IDU_2.1.9.66\3rdparty\Diskeeper Double click on "setup.exe" Here is the md5 of the file you will be running: 3a13bf2233a55a84fe0bf0dd04ad34ee setup.exe
  11. That was easy. I uninstalled it in Device Manager. Turned computer off. Placed in new burner. Did some vaccumming inside. Turned back on and everything works great. I am getting ready to burn my first disc at 16x. My old burner was only 4x.
  12. The drive is OEM. So it is a bare drive. I have looked at the instructions from the NEC website. I am going ot just do it and figure it all out.
  13. I have a fully patched and updated windows xp pro install. I am upgrading to a new dvd burner. I will uninstall my old Pioneer-DVR105 and install in its place a NEC-3550a. The hardware switching is easy, but is there something with the drivers I will need to change? When I go into Device Manager I see the Pioneer listed and i have the option to uninstall it. Should I uninstall it before in plug in the NEC?
  14. bpm3k

    nero software

    Try running the Nero Cleantool. I do not know what version of Nero you have but Nero offers versions for 5, 6, and 7. http://www.nero.com/nero7/eng/Clean_Tools.html
  15. bpm3k


    I recommend Diskeeper Lite 9 which is free. To get this version follow these steps: Go here: http://www.intel.com/design/motherbd/software/idu/ Download: "Full Version - Intel Desktop Utilities v2.1.9.66 [EXE 88.9 MB]" Unzip the File. Navigate your way here: IDU_2.1.9.66\3rdparty\Diskeeper Double click on "setup.exe"
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