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Network configuration...


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20gb HDD

256 RAM


I have recently began using a Belkin wireless adapter (802.11b) on this computer to connect to the internet thru a wireless Linksys router (802.11b). The router is connected to a cable modem and an Ethernet cable from the router is used to connect an XP machine.


The Win98 machine is located 10 feet from the router, but, fails to achieve the connection speed of the XP. (possibly due to the Ethernet cable having faster capabilities). OK.


Aside from that, I don't seem to have the connection speed that I would expect from the cable modem/wireless router and I wonder if it is due to having components I don't need in my network configuration. (shown below)




Above the listed 'Microsoft Family Logon' is 'Client for Microsoft Networks'-


It seems as if maybe I don't need the Ethernet 10/100 adapter...or the TCP/IP Ethernet- am I wrong?

There is no Ethernet cable attached to this machine. It is strictly a wireless connection.


I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions...


BTW- it does function normally, just doesn't seem to have the zip of the XP.



Harddrive :huh:


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I dont know much about this, but I think that a wired connection from the router is going to be faster than the wireless connection anyway. Also you are using an 802.11b router which I think for wireless connections is pretty slow anyway. I use a 802.11g router to hook up a desktop(wired), a laptop(wireless) and a ps2(wired) and it is fairly quick, but not as fast as a direct connection to the modem. You could disable the ethernet connection on the computer with the wireless connection but I dought you will get any more speed, Make sure you just disable the connection not delete it (just in case).

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