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  1. Win98Se 20gb HDD 256 RAM I have recently began using a Belkin wireless adapter (802.11b) on this computer to connect to the internet thru a wireless Linksys router (802.11b). The router is connected to a cable modem and an Ethernet cable from the router is used to connect an XP machine. The Win98 machine is located 10 feet from the router, but, fails to achieve the connection speed of the XP. (possibly due to the Ethernet cable having faster capabilities). OK. Aside from that, I don't seem to have the connection speed that I would expect from the cable modem/wireless router and I
  2. Thank you! Right where you said it was...hidden- I ran the BootLogAnalyzer and it shows a 26 second delay when starting TCP/IP. *See image below: I'm using a Belkin wireless network adapter on this computer to connect to another computer thru a Linksys 802.11a router on a cable modem. That all works great. Is there a reason that the TCP/IP start up listed in the bootlog would take so long? Total boot time according to the log is: start 17:11:22 finish 17:12:36 Thanks! Harddrive
  3. Win98SE GenuineIntel x86Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 3 255.0MB RAM I've had this computer for 5 years and am trying to learn more and more all the time. Going thru the motions is a good teacher for me. Now: I am trying to use a Boot Log Analyzer and it says I have to create a BootLog first. Makes sense to me. Everything I've read says to re-boot to the 'Boot Menu' and select 'option 2' for BOOTLOG.TXT. So, that's what I done. Everything booted normally and now I can't find any evidence of a Bootlog file. Where does it go? I looked in C:\ - Can anyone tell me what I don
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