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A possible cause for CCleaner's vanishing

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First - I'd like to say it's my first post here! I can't stress enough how brilliant I think CCleaner is, I LOVE this program! At first, I though: "oh, another nice cleaner", but its Recycle-Bin's integration is INGENIOUS - every newbie that I installs CC to, says he likes that brisk alternative to the "Empty Recycle Bin".

Since I help my friends/neighbors for free, I like that CC is also free - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!


I apologize for this long opening, I just had to say that :)

Ok, for that "nasty" bug I've read of a lot in here before I've registered these forums:


I *THINK* I could nail that down (I'm sorry, but I'm away from the XP machine I tried that on to verify for sure - maybe someone will check it once and for all?) - CCleaner will "vanish" (=exit prematurely) when pressing "Run Cleaner" if the "Recent Documents" is checked, but that's no surprise of course - you've already nailed THAT long ago, so what's new? Well - I *THINK* (again...) that this would only happen if two of these facts are met:

1) The Start Menu is configured to EXPAND the "My Documents" folder on the "Recent Documents" menu (this feature is accessible through XP's "Task Bar & Start Menu Settings" in the Control Panel).

2) When (1) is true + the Recent Documents (or is it the "My Documents" folder?) is not empty.


I really hope that someone can verify this. This is what I think I can recall from the last XP machine I tried that on (I just have Win98SE w/o any problems) - If I've really nailed that down, I'm happy to help this great project; If not however, I'm sorry to have wasted your time...


BTW, that "vanishing" problem was first observed by me as having the Recycle Bin icon not emptied upon the "Run Cleaner" righ-click menu option, but I think of course now, that this is simply another symptom of the same premature-exit-problem.


Thank you once again for this beautiful tiny free & fast program.



What is needed to translate this program? Couldn't find a FAQ entry for that...

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sorry to bump it, but I find it funny that there are no comments. Nobody tried or was I just dead wrong?


Anyway, bumping coz I've seen similar new posts, so... last attempt XP ppl!

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