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  1. Thanks for a great freeware! Please migrate CCleaner's change of having all lang* files into a separate folder. Lough all you can, but my favorite USB launcher is the files explorer window itself, where Recuva.exe lists itself after all the language files, forcing me to scroll down so I can finally click it...
  2. Hi, I really like the idea of selective defrag - thanks for such a lovely freeware - it makes a great companion for CCleaner/Recuva on my flash drive However, when trying to select files I'm lost in a huge list of irrelevant files from System Restore (i.e. "C:\System Volume Cache\...") and some temp folders and cache of all my installed browsers... I was quite surprised not to see any filtering option for this - it seems natural. If you think it's not worth the underlying programming, then please add a simple option in the settings to skip such folders from ever being analyzed in the first place - it'll be much quicker for the analyzing program & the selecting user Besides, I've noticed a strange bug in the files screen: the checkboxes seems to be cut in the middle, only the left portion is clickable. I though you'd be using a common UI for your programs, because I don't have this weird problem with CCleaner for example, which also thanks to its common UI which it shares with Recuva, told me this maybe-important detail for debug: my graphics adapter is Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family. Thank you!
  3. Hi Mr.G (and everyone else in here of course ), It's been a while since I last wrote in the forum, ever since "the beta fiasco" where an attempt from the author to allow us to show our optional support in his free project turned haywire (I admit I had my rejections too), and that is despite Mr.G's early promise that CCleaner will have "cleaner" builds. I want to say that although I would've prefered CCleaner to never "get dirty" with such additions as the Yahoo toolbar offer, I'm impressed with Mr.G's devotion to his loyal users by maintaining and providing for free, 3 different builds, two of which being sponser-free. I really appreciate it. As it happens, I've just seen a horrible "tip" in a well-known Israeli journal's web site (Ha'aretz's "Captain Internet"), (ill-)advising users to go wild and manually delete hotfix folders from their Windows folder, would you believe the irresponsibility... Anyway, I was afraid to get mixed reactions towards a recommendation that refers to a sponsered program, so I gave a link to the all-builds page. However, I did state there that users are welcome to show their support and opt for the "Standard" version, if they fully understand the implications (being, so I stated, an "added bloat" to their PCs. We must state that plainly, sorry). The link to the article, for whom concerns (Hebrew language): http://www.haaretz.co.il/captain/pages/ShA...5&itemNo=681403 And my own pro-CCleaner feedback: http://www.haaretz.co.il/captain/objects/R...o=681403&cont=2 Thanks again Mr.G !!!
  4. acooldozen/pwillener, why flame other people ?? You're right that Mr.G already commented on the versions in the first post. As for myself, I regarded this in my post specifically to avoid responses like yours. It's true that some, by their request (like leland's), clearly haven't read the first post but that's no reason to flame fellow users, please! There's a thin relationship between software authors & users - if users feel that they need to pay extra attention when they install an updated version of a program they once trusted, they may simply look elsewhere. I'm NOT saying that Mr.G isn't trustworthy - I totally understand his motives (though I argued about the implementation), and I'm aware that he had clearly stated what he had about this option, and gave the user a chance to avoid the toolbar at installation. However, I can also understand the loyal users, that although they can be very cautious when installing new software, may have "Nexted" a few screens and ended-up w/an unsolicited BHO when they tried this new beta. In essence, this beta grounds shouldn't cause a flamewar between the "illitirates" to the more cautious testers, but a grounds where users can help each other, and help the author issue a better final product that everyone will be happy with.
  5. lokoike dude, that 3rd button got me ROFL! I think it's a great idea! Maybe instead of "Add ons" it could be called "Support CCleaner" and be under "Options", or better - it's own icon. Much like Spybot has a "donate" button, only with your suggestions (which are better than donations - even poor students with no international credit cards can show their support). What's genious in your idea is that the support from the users won't be decided at installation time (where most people will uncheck anything that smells like crap), but we can always choose one of the options there at any time. This brings me into a better idea - why not have a dedicated screen inside CCleaner that will advertize different software everytime? It could get updated when connected (but only when user shows that panel), to show new stuff every time. Wow wow wait - I have the COOLEST idea - have CCleaner show a "baloon" everytime it completes an auto clean - this baloon could read something like "Crap Cleaned! Why won't you consider <link to whatever>" and it can then evaporate after a few seconds. Much like "IEPrivacyKeeper" has a nice option for a baloon that shows when things were cleaned (although they put their own advertizement in the options screens, where they advertize their own other shareware software. IEPK is freeware for that matter. A pretty good one BTW. I especially like the "TakeAway" portable cleaner version, but I'll stop here lest I'll be banned! )
  6. Wow - those are strong words and I tend to agree, but let us not forget who is behind CCleaner - not a wealthy mega-company like Adobe that "plays" with their free product, but a single(?) freeware author that created a lovely tool and maintains it without seeing a dime. I DO understand the need to see revenue, but I DO agree that including the toolbar in the installation is not the right way. Either, like I said elsewhere already, have the toolbar as online d/l only when checked at installation (a'la IrfanView & Google) OR: could be on the d/l page itself like Adobe Reader. I really don't think that there should be several installation packages - it'll be a mess and create a chaos. It is harder to maintain, too. Optional components that are downloaded at installation & command line parameters (for admins/silent installs) is the right way to go. I think. I want to thank once again for Mr. G for doing such a great thing for us with providing CCleaner for free.
  7. my insights of this addon as expressed in the beta thread remain, but I couldn't have let it go: Adobe Reader as an example?!? it's THE most bloated software on earth... Anyway, I recommend Foxit Reader: http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/rd_intro.php ~1MB of stand-alone (setup version availabe too) "Small, Fast, Clean, and FREE PDF Reader..." (btw, the "advertizement" seen on the linked page can be checked off, though I can't make it stick between launches)
  8. Hi, I was the first here to complain about the inclusion of the toolbar (made CCleaner setup from 535kb to 1275kb...), and I'm afraid we're all beginning to sound a little bit ungrateful... I first want to say thank you for Mr. G for making such a great program and provide it for free - I'm sure it's very hard to keep such a project alive with no revenue. However, I have a suggestion - why not make the toolbar d/l to be online? IrfanView did such a thing with the Google addon - their installer is still a mere 885kb, and only if the user chooses to install the addon, the installation package automatically downloads an online package and installs it without further user intervention. BTW - IrfanView made several evolutions with these addons - v3.97 included AOL stuff, while v3.98 (current) has this Google thingy. Perhaps you consider such method please? Thank you very much for your time and efforts! EDIT: Regarding version announcement: The above online method could spare the need to maintain different installer versions (offline people wouldn't be much of a revenue anyway). For admins, simply make a quiet install switch that doesn't install the toolbar.
  9. 01/31/2006 12:20p 546,964 ccsetup127b1.exe 02/07/2006 06:47p 1,304,796 ccsetup127b2.exe 535kb -> 1275kb ?!?!? what in the world happened to small and compact software...toolbar or no toolbar
  10. hi, long time I haven't checked - I know it was an issue in the past, but is it solved now? couldn't find anything in the version history. 10x
  11. When you right-click the "My Computer" icon and select "Manage", you'll get the "Computer Management" window, where you can see all the interesting stuff (among alia - Device Manager, Services, ...) and there's also the "Event Viewer" that shows EVERYTHING your computer has done (like a journal): Time you logged on Time you logged off Time your computer generated error of some sort Time when your software didn't like something ("warnings") Time when you got yourself a cop of tea... (just kidding here, but you get the point) One can simply right-click any of the Events' folder, and select "Clear All Events", but I thought it would be nice to include it to the allmighy CCleaner What'd you think? Thanks!
  12. sorry to bump it, but I find it funny that there are no comments. Nobody tried or was I just dead wrong? Anyway, bumping coz I've seen similar new posts, so... last attempt XP ppl!
  13. actually I believe he was referring to the standard first two cleans (by "Run CCleaner..."). Atleast I know I did (in the "vanish" thread mentioned)
  14. also try to verify my "A possible cause for CCleaner's vanishing..." post from the last week or so?
  15. Hello, First - I'd like to say it's my first post here! I can't stress enough how brilliant I think CCleaner is, I LOVE this program! At first, I though: "oh, another nice cleaner", but its Recycle-Bin's integration is INGENIOUS - every newbie that I installs CC to, says he likes that brisk alternative to the "Empty Recycle Bin". Since I help my friends/neighbors for free, I like that CC is also free - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I apologize for this long opening, I just had to say that Ok, for that "nasty" bug I've read of a lot in here before I've registered these forums: I *THINK* I could nail that down (I'm sorry, but I'm away from the XP machine I tried that on to verify for sure - maybe someone will check it once and for all?) - CCleaner will "vanish" (=exit prematurely) when pressing "Run Cleaner" if the "Recent Documents" is checked, but that's no surprise of course - you've already nailed THAT long ago, so what's new? Well - I *THINK* (again...) that this would only happen if two of these facts are met: 1) The Start Menu is configured to EXPAND the "My Documents" folder on the "Recent Documents" menu (this feature is accessible through XP's "Task Bar & Start Menu Settings" in the Control Panel). 2) When (1) is true + the Recent Documents (or is it the "My Documents" folder?) is not empty. I really hope that someone can verify this. This is what I think I can recall from the last XP machine I tried that on (I just have Win98SE w/o any problems) - If I've really nailed that down, I'm happy to help this great project; If not however, I'm sorry to have wasted your time... BTW, that "vanishing" problem was first observed by me as having the Recycle Bin icon not emptied upon the "Run Cleaner" righ-click menu option, but I think of course now, that this is simply another symptom of the same premature-exit-problem. Thank you once again for this beautiful tiny free & fast program. P.S. What is needed to translate this program? Couldn't find a FAQ entry for that...
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