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  1. Hey everyone, My posting restriction has been lifted, so now I'm able to share an update on this issue. I converted the C# script that had been posted there to an .exe File through PowerShell using the following command: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\csc.exe /t:exe /out:MyApplication.exe MyApplication.cs Make sure to create a .cs file (using Editor) containing the C# script beforehand. Once I converted it to an .exe file, I was able to run it and it then gave me this result: This means that Kaspersky Internet Security is still registered as a third-party firewall in Windows, even though it had been uninstalled a few months ago (incl. all registry entries and leftover files). I've also tried performing the WMI Repair through the Windows Repair by Tweaking.com application. Unfortunately, it did not change anything and Speccy still mentioned Kaspersky Internet Security in the firewall section. should show the Kaspersky firewall. From there, the instructions in: https://support.cloudradial.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049084271-Removing-Old-Antivirus-Listings-from-Security-Center altered to FirewallProduct instead of AntiVirusProduct may allow you to finally exorcise it. (It goes without saying to be very, very careful, of course.) This actually resolved this issue and Speccy now no longer mentions Kaspersky Internet Security at all. I'm glad I was able to get rid of it and thanks again to every person who has participated in this thread
  2. It does seem interesting but also complicated at the same time haha. Unsure if the code provided there can help me in any way?
  3. @nukecad Just tried that. Speccy's output is the same as before. Thanks for trying to help, though
  4. I've just gone through the entire list, but there is nothing related to Kaspersky.
  5. @hazelnut Yeah, I assumed so. When I deleted the Antivirus Listing for Kaspersky through cmd, CTRL+R refreshed Speccy and Kaspersky no longer appeared in the Antivirus section. It should be the same for the Firewall display name in my opinion.
  6. @hazelnut Yes, I have, but I can do another restart in a few hours. But FYI, the security provider page in the Windows Security App never listed Kaspersky (since uninstalling it, of course).
  7. @hazelnut Seems to be working again, at least for the moment. Just checked. There's no mention of Kaspersky there.
  8. @hazelnut That did the trick, at least for the Antivirus section. After following the steps in the article you linked, it disappeared from the Antivirus section in Speccy. Not sure why Speccy said it was up to date when the timestamp was 14 Aug 2021. But it still says Kaspersky Internet Security in the Firewall section. Is there any way to remove this? Thanks :)
  9. @hazelnut Yep. Yep. No, I'm the only user. Yes. Looks like there aren't any leftovers...
  10. Hey @hazelnut and @trium, I've now restarted my PC to check. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Speccy still lists Kaspersky Internet Security. There are no more registry entries containing the term "Kaspersky". Searching the C: Disk also returns no relevant results. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks
  11. Nothing related to Kaspersky either. Yep, no results. I've just backed up my registry and then searched for "Kaspersky". A few results actually came up, which I've now deleted. Will restart my PC later and will then check if anything changed in Speccy. Thanks for all the help so far!
  12. Hey again @hazelnut, I have already tried that several times in the past few days. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KasperskyLab does not exist in my registry :/
  13. Hello @hazelnut, Unfortunately not. Antivirus: Microsoft Defender Antivirus (activated), Malwarebytes (deactivated) Firewall: Microsoft-Firewall
  14. Hello! I've uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security half a year ago, but Speccy is still listing it under the Antivirus section as well as the Firewall (Display name). It is also saying that it is enabled and that the Virus Signature Database is up to date. So far I've tried using Revo Uninstaller Pro as well as kavremover, but to no success. Speccy continues listing it as an Antivirus program installed on my computer. How can I fix this? Thanks, Maxim
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