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  1. yes! I just heard from Megan. She wanted to deal with the initial problem I had on that first post. Those problems were inadvertantly resolved by a restart of SurfacePro. As for the help desk matter... I don't know. I've passed on the info, that's all I can do. I did read in a couple of older posts on this forum some folks complaining about not getting responses from support - maybe that part of the same issue? Or maybe this has been a one-off glitch. In my experience so far with CCleaner the support has been very good indeed. This is the first time (in many years) that I've had a problem with that.
  2. Thanks for your reply But sorry, that's not quite right! To be clear (or this will get complicated) they were two separate tickets on different subjects. Please look at the bulletted list I sent on my first post. The first ticket was about sluggish performance on CCleaner and Steven asked for a debug log, which I sent. Steven later confirmed that they had not received my reply (with the correct email address). I didn't get a reply after that so dropped it. No further emails were received and I didn't attempt to respond after that by using a new address. Starting a new ticket, I made sure the two were separate, (I was simply reporting an issue I'd experienced with the help desk.) I only used a different email server to check if there was a problem with outlook.com. New ticket. New subject. In both cases tho, the help desk seemed not to have received my reply. That's why I came on this forum - just to let you know really. But as I said, if there is an issue with the second ticket/address, it doesn't matter, disregard it. The issue was with the first ticket and was conducted on the correct address and no other. hope this makes it clearer iansn
  3. I was using the outlook email address I registered with for the first request via the website and then via outlook.com for further responses. Later I started a second request (about the help-desk issue) via the website. This was sent using a different address on my own server. I did get a usual reply to this, and sent back on that address, but no further response. Edit - If there may be an issue with using an address I didn't register with then disregard that second request (although I did get a reply), the issue remains for the first request I sent where 'Seven' at Piriform confirmed the reply had not be received.
  4. Thanks I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this. If not then I'll need to figure out at my end why my messages were not received. I was suspicious at first that outlook.com had lost my replies and later I sent using my own mail server. But this didn't work either. I'm curious and concerned it may happen again elsewhere, tho I'm at a loss to figure it out. Any help here would be appreciated. I you need any more info about what happened, please let me know. btw, I couldn't find this post on the forum - had to go via 'my activity' route to see it again.
  5. Anyone else having problems with this? Posting here as I'm not getting any response from help desk. This is what happened - * Sent request to CCleaner help desk. * Reply asked for more info and log. (#726112 - 17 jun 21 - Seven) * Sent info and attached log. * No response. * Later got feedback message asking if I wanted to close ticket as I had not replied. * Sent back saying I had actually replied. * Help desk confirmed they had *not* received that reply. Asked for reply to this message. (See attached pic) * Sent reply. * No response. * No further feedback message. Later - * Sent request re this help desk issue. * Reply asking what is my problem with CCleaner. (??) (#734384 - 28 jun 21 - Miko) * Sent back explaining again in much simpler terms. * No response. * No feedback email. Seems the help desk is not receiving replies from customers. (Yes, I've checked my junk folders) Using standard SurfacePro Win10 via Outlook.com Used my own email server on second request to monitor sending. Message seemed to go ok. iansn
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