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  1. Was finally able to install app from a different website- looks like app from Home site was corrupted.
  2. Bitdefender AV+. Thank you for responding.
  3. Been trying to install CCleaner for several hours. Downloaded several times but same problem- it just hangs trying to install. Running Win 10 Pro 64 bit and Firefox (both latest versions). Been using CCleaner for many users- never had this problem before. Please help. Thank you.
  4. Thanks nukecad- I'll start using that site.
  5. From this site: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner
  6. Very odd experience: I rebooted to Safe Mode- downloaded CCleaner from site (it was previous version I downloaded again and got, tried to run as Admin. and no Admin., got error 'Installer integrity check has failed.'- downloaded again & got, run as Admin. and it installed! Been in computer business for 40+ years and never encountered one as bizarre as this one. CCleaner tech support should definitely investigate. Thanks to everyone for help.
  7. As a test I just reinstalled 5.68.7120- Bit defender and Windows Defender were active- installed OK, no problems. Seems to definitely point to installer problem.
  8. More info.: turned off Bit defender & Windows Defender- still same problem. Also downloaded CCleaner Pro- install gave same problem.
  9. Running Win 10 Pro 64 bit under 1909.18363.900. Using Bitdefender AVPlus 2020. Have installed previous CCleaner versions in same environment with no problems. Tried Slim. tried running as Admin- same problems. Thanks for your help.
  10. Can't update to newest CCleaner version. getting error: 'Installer integrity check has failed.' Please help. Thank you.
  11. I'm running CCleaner Slim under Win 10, 64 bit. When I click on Open CCleaner there is a long delay before it finally opens to the Welcome page. I click on Start & CCleaner crashes. This is also happening with full & previous version. Been using CCleaner for years & never experienced this problem before. Would appreciate help. Thank you.
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