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  1. I might use the wrong words "burning". When all the settings are done, it shows a progress bar indicating the process. Wait about 40 minutes and it says can not make a bootable USB this time. I have formatted the USB to NTFS and it has enough free space (32G) Yes, it is an USB 3.0 device. Unfortunately, I don't have DVD drive on that computer. I already gave up on that tool and manage to get it fixed by using an alternative choice suggested in this post: https://www.uubyte.com/windows-media-creation-tool-guide.html Paid for a few bucks though but save a lot of times.
  2. It is a Sony USB Stick with 32G free space so there is no issue with the storage. The reason why I am using MCT is because it is recommended by Microsoft and it failed 3 times at the end of burning.
  3. Yes, I have visited this page but every time, i clicked the download button, it downloads an exe called Media Creation Tool. Then I follow the steps and wait for one hour. But it says the bootable ISO can not used on target USB
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    The best text editor on Windows 10!
  5. I am planning to upgrade to Windows 10. Anyone knows the download link to Windows 10 ISO?
  6. It was used in black market for gray/illegal activities. At that time, it was only $400 around 2015. I should put all my money (10k) to buy coins at that time, lol. End up nothing for me! it was biggest chance to get rich, but missed the shot.
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