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  1. Hi Megan Yes, they can use the same address. I tried the issue now and the results were the same. Thanks
  2. Hello, After driver scanning, I wanted to Skip some drivers from the resulted list, but after trying with the first of them, CCleaner hanged (as attached image). I had to do a forced close of the program.
  3. It´s a good point and you are right. That setting item was checked. I confirm that the cause of the false bug was that because all elements in the recycle bin had a time <24h. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your response. I´ll take it into account. I don´t know why, but today CClenaer works fine with the recycle bin item. Today the analysis indicates the same number of elements that the recycle bin has.
  5. Hello, With the last version of CCleaner ( I verified that the checked item Empty Recycle Bin doesn´t work. I have several files and folders in the recycle bin but CCleaner doesn´t clean them (in both modes, Easy Clean or Custom Clean). You can see the attached image: CCleaner results after loading "Analyse Empty Recycle Bin"; and behind of it, the amount of elements in the recycle bin.
  6. nukecad: It´s a good possible explanation. As a consecuence of my observations and related to your comment: I verify that the Smart Cleaning acts only on the items that you have checked because after the cleaning alert a manual searching of junk shows the same. You can test it.
  7. Hello, I didn´t do anything but now the cleaning notification seems to be working fine. I verified 2 notifications in last days. The sizes of junk coincide.
  8. I haven´t tried with the recycle bin yet. I want to verify a second time if the notification appears with that information of high GB. Until today, the notification hasn´t appeared again. Thanks.
  9. Thanks nukecad I guess something like what you say, too. The Help documentation is very poor and we couldn´t know how exactly is the method of cleaning used by the Smart Cleaning feature. I´ll continue to see how Smart Cleaner notifications works and may be I ask the support team by a ticket.
  10. Hello, The notification atracted my attention because it showed a big quantity of GB only one day after a cleaning. Following that, I tried an analysis and the size of junk was very very lower. Please, see the attached files. Could it be a problem with the notifications of the Smart Cleaning when it has to detect junk files? Am I doing any mistake? Thanks
  11. You are right, I tried writing down each type, one by one and I encountered that the problem was with ~*.* when was present in the list. But ~*.* isn´t the same of *.*. Maybe CCleaner doesn´t allow all that contains *.*, no matter where it is located inside of the file type.
  12. Hello, In Options, Include, I try to include the following after I click Add button : Include/Drive or Folder: C\: Fyle Tipes/File Types: *.diz;*.old;*.nch;*.wbk;*log.txt;~*.*;*.log;*.prv;*.sik;*.bak;*.ilk;*.aps;*.ncb;*.pch;*.$db;*.db$;*.^;*._dd;*._detmp;log*.txt;*.log? Options: any of the 3 options And the following warning or error appear: For system safety reasons you cannot select this specific location What is the cause of this? Are there any of that file type not allowed? If yes, which of them? Thanks
  13. In my case, I was using the trial without problems with the Software Updater, but today I bought the license, insert the data to register and I saw this issue.
  14. Hello, I have the same issue (CCleaner Professional latest version). When I click Software Updater: "Failed to get installed software from definitions (3)" error. (Windows Home 64-bit latest version 1903).
  15. Hello It would be great if CCleaner can contain a module such as an Advanced Cleaner to delete certain file types. Today, for CCleaner, the user have to write all file extensions to delete and may not be the optimal situation for this kind of cleaning. Threre are nothing to select by recommendation. The idea is to have a kind of Advanced Cleaner such as what we can find in Wise Disk Cleaner. The user can quikly select the file extension to delete, has several modes to select (Recommended, All, None), among other setting features. Thanks
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