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  1. Problem with WSCSVC (Windows security center) still relevant in CCleaner v5.63.7540 (15 Oct 2019)
  2. Problem with WSCSVC (Windows security center) still relevant in CCleaner 5.56.7144
  3. Problems with beta remained in CCleaner 5.56.7144 : instrument Cookies to Keep’ list just doesn't see all the cookies In Mozilla Firefox 60.6.1 esr (64-bit)
  4. Have you tried this beta yourself? I've installed it, and problem there was just more )) while the problem is still relevant, it is not solved in beta!
  5. Yet Problem with WSCSVC (Windows security center) Why does CCleaner include this service? And why when the service is disabled forcibly, does CCleaner start to slow down without it? How are they related? here's a video how it happens https://yadi.sk/i/zdP2XBo9QRD2Vg in version 5.32 I have no such problem
  6. In Mozilla Firefox 60.6.1 esr (64-bit) CCleaner Beta v5.56.003 now just no cookies, I open the site, go with a password, and Cookies to Keep’ list there is no such file...
  7. Joe , You are not alone, here we discuss a similar situation
  8. you can delete all cookies on the right and then too there will be no problem )))
  9. I have the same problem on my two PCs, and not just me It is very strange I wrote in support by e - mail, I was told that there is no such problem and it is only me )) my friend says it happens, when it deletes these files I hope this is a program error, and not the developer is unsuccessfully experiencing the method of collecting cookies))) Or imposes us to leave cookies on their sites)))
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