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  1. Thank you for your reply, nukecad. It has been resolved. No, this is just a temp folder, you know? I just need to click on this link (attached file) in order to ask CCleaner to download and install the new software for me.
  2. nukecad, thank you very much! Because I bought CCleaner Professional I just need to click on right bottom corner where there is a link called Check for updates (please see the new screenshot I've taken and attached below). And right after that a window appears and it downloads and installs the new version on my laptop. Could you get it? But yesterday my anti-virus used to "cancel" that downloading process, you know? It used to show me a notification (a file deleted), because it used to identify a dangerous file, you know? However in today morning I tried once more... and then... finally, my anti-virus allowed to download and install. Thank you so much, guys! Now everything is OK.
  3. Andavari, thank you so much! It happened in this morning. Thanks to everyone.
  4. nukecad, thank you for your answer. But I have been using CCleaner Professional for years. And it happened for the first time. And also PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the screenshot I took. You've submitted a DIFFERENT FILE (ccsetup565.exe). That IS NOT the file Kaspersky Internet Security has detected. There is a virus inside this file ccupdate5.65.7632.exe. If you can submitted the correct file, I would be very thankful, because my anti-virus can't allow me to download it and even install it. Thanks for your answer.
  5. TwistedMetal, thank you for your answer. But it happened for me for the first time. Maybe it may be a virus. I really need a solution, because I won't disable my anti-virus in order to install a dangerous software. Thanks
  6. A Trojan has been found out on CCleaner Installer v5.65. Please help me. My Kaspersky Internet Security has deleted this dangerous file. I'm waiting for a solution please. Thanks in advance. Ricardo
  7. Thank you so much for your kind support and screenshots, Stephen Piriform. Currently, my CCleaner Professional is 5.47.6716. And any preview installers this Kaspersky couldn't detect any trojan. If they send to you any answer... could you just report to me what they said please? Thank you so much again.
  8. Hi, Stephen Piriform. After clicking on your link, you can see it on the screenshot I took. VirusTotal detected also.
  9. Hello, everyone. I'm Ricardo, and I would like to tell you that Kaspersky Internet Security detected a malware on a CCleaner installer. It's called UDS:Trojan.Win32.Droma. It is on this file ccupdate548_pro[1].exe. Please fix it ASAP. My Kaspersky can't allow me to install this new version. And I advise to anyone not to install for a while. Thanks in advance. And I hope to find this solution. Best regards. Ricardo
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