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  1. Name: TextPad for Windows Link: https://www.textpad.com/ Short Description: A plain text editor with some very powerful features. Why I like it: I do a lot of work using plain text: coding web pages by hand, writing blog posts, copying email addresses to/from "Contacts" list, etc. Copying text through a plain text editor (like Notepad) and then into the final application, strips all the formatting away, and just copies the information. That's all I need: the information. No highlighting, bold, strange fonts, etc. However, unlike Notepad, TextPad offers many more features that make it useful. The environment offers some highlighting and many other tools to make coding (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) easier, even though the work itself, is all plain text. Whenever my computer is on, an instance of TextPad is also always running, minimized in a corner for quick access. So if I want to compose, say, a forum post, from Word to plain text, it is written out nicely in Word, copied to TextPad to strip out everything except the plain text, and then copied to a forum post. Or, when adding a new person to my "Contacts", I copy the information into TextPad, and then copy from TextPad into "Contacts." Saves me typing, typos, errors, etc. A free/trial version can be downloaded from the website, but a nag screen pops up regularly to encourage you to purchase a copy outright. If you can live with that, the software is full-functioned and a real pleasure to use. I have purchased a copy (just like I did for CCleaner) because I think it's right to help out the people who make a decent product.
  2. Good question. And I have a related question: has the price for a one-year renewal of CCleaner Pro doubled since last year? After several years of using the free version, last year I decided to upgrade to Pro. The software worked fine, I was happy with it, and I am willing to help the people who work on the product. So I paid. The first year of my subscription is just about up, and when I turn on my computer a pop-up message appears offering a "loyalty discount." So I clicked on the link and started going through the renewal process. However, there was no indication that a "loyalty discount" had been applied, or would be applied later in the purchase process. So I backed out and halted the renewal process. The price is significantly higher than I recall paying last year. Seriously, Piriform needs to be EXPLICIT about what is included in a purchase. Amazon does that. Amazon EXPLICITLY tells customers if they have a coupon or discount code they can apply it later in the check-out process. Or that it has been already applied. But DO NOT LET CUSTOMERS WONDER. And if I start up CCleaner and go through the software itself, looking to renew my subscription, I seem to be presented a different price again. Really!?!? If you want to have a professional customer-facing company, you really need to be consistent and explicit about what is being offered and bought, Otherwise, it looks like you are trying to be sneaky about what customers are getting for their money.
  3. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to a new computer running Windows 10. Using CCleaner version 5.58.7209 Pro. CCleaner is set to run every time browsers are closed (I only have Microsoft Edge at the moment), without notification. On the old computer, even though the full CCleaner screen did not appear, I could click through the taskbar, examine the CCleaner icon, and observe that the little brush was "sweeping." I assumed that meant CCleaner was working in the background. However, when I click through the icons in the Windows 10 taskbar, I do not see that. I am sure that it is working properly, but it is nice to double-check that it is working when I close a browser. Is this normal behaviour under Windows 10?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I use Kaspersky Internet Security and Malwarebytes 3.5.1. However, I seem to have gotten it working again. I read through a few other threads in these forums and one piece of advice has worked for me. For example the following thread: The reply by cc2150dx on June 4, the second screen capture. I went to the "Advanced" menu. Then selected "Advanced Report." Now it works. I do not know why, but it runs.
  5. Hello. I am running CCleaner Free (v. 5.44.6575) on a Windows 7 Home Premium desktop computer. CCleaner has run fine for many years on this computer. However, today each time I tried to run CCleaner, it crashed. See the attached screenshot. This has never happened before. Any idea what triggered this new behaviour?
  6. Yes, Twitter does allow you to post proper URLs. But some URLs get pretty long. And Twitter used to have a 140 character limit on tweets. They have since doubled that limit to 280 characters. It can still be a challenge to include a URL and make a comment in a tweet limited to 280 characters. Yes, there are other shortening services out there, but goo.gl was one of the shortest: using only six characters plus the hash, another four characters. That left more room (280 - 10) in terms of characters to use for an actual comment. And if you want to include hashtags in a tweet, the balance left for commenting is reduced even further.
  7. What did you dislike about it? I liked it and used it often, usually to shorten URLs included in tweets. Not sure what I will use now.
  8. Sorry to see it go. It was one of my earliest sources of discovery for new web sites. Google is fine; you can find just about anything through Google. But doing a search assumes you have a rough idea what you are looking for in the first place. And you might need a lot of patience to scroll through pages of results in the order that Google thinks is important. StumbleUpon was nice in the sense that you often found websites that were not in the top five pages of search results. Some were real gems. Every now and then I would discover some excellent sites, with good information on them, that were virtually unknown by the search engines. Their curators may not have done any SEO work, but they still knew how to supply quality info. Haven't decided at this time if I will move over to Mix.
  9. I am using the free version of CCleaner and am happy with it. However, I notice the update downloads are always a day or two late, compared to the notification. I have notifications in the software set to "On", so that I am advised when new versions become available. So I click on the button, and am taken to the page for the updates. I shut down the present instance of CCleaner, just to be sure there are no conflicts with the install of the update. I select the free version to be downloaded from download.com. After the update is complete, I notice the new version is the same as the one I already had. This happens all the time. Presently, I am trying to update from 5.43.6520 to 5.43.6522 but still get 6520. (Perhaps download.com doesn't update their posted software on a weekend?) May have to wait until later in the week. In any case, I do find it irritating to be repeatedly prompted to update the software, but it doesn't seem to be ready yet. Perhaps these notifications should be held off until after the new version is actually ready to be downloaded.
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