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  1. Using the latest version 5.44. It's still not cleaning cache/history on Chrome, hasn't for many versions for me. When will this be fixed?
  2. While this version doesn't break my chrome profile as the previous did, it doesn't clean the history or cache either.
  3. Same for me, this is becoming even more useless with every update.
  4. It's been doing this for me for the past several versions, this one included.
  5. Is this every going to be fixed? I'm on a new computer and still have the same problem.
  6. It's working fine on the current Chrome. It's v. 5.34.6207, I got it here: http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/77875/
  7. I've reinstalled the previous version until the new one is fixed.
  8. Where can I download the previous version of CCleaner? Nevermind, found it. If anyone else wants it: http://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/77875/
  9. It was working fine for me until last night when I installed the latest version. Now it won't clean Chrome cache or history or cookies (again). I haven't changed any settings. Getting pretty tired of this... eta: It does seem to clean cookies but that's it. I've tried uninstalling and installing the trial version of cc professional, still doesn't work properly with Chrome.
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