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  1. Thank you guys! Issue with local storage is fixed in 5.38!
  2. Ok, did some additional testing. CCleaner DOES appear to be cleaning cookies in Chrome. I believe the problem is Chrome is now saving 'Local Storage' in the same location as cookies. People are navigating to chrome://settings/siteData and still seeing data in there. Since that's were cookies are ALSO stored, people are assuming CCleaner is not cleaning them (again, I'm guilty here too). I THINK CCleaner previously did clean ALL data from this location in the past, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd like one of the developers to chime in here, and offer some insight on IF CCleaner should
  3. I have CCleaner set to save a total of 4 cookies under the setting you mention. Let me offer some more info that I just learned: Chrome appears to now categorize cookies into 3 categories: Cookies, Channel ID, and Local Storage. CCleaner appears to be cleaning cookies that are classified as Cookies and Channel ID. CCleaner however is still not touching Local Storage cookies. All of the above is listed here in Chrome: chrome://settings/siteData EDIT: I see the heading for the above referenced path in Chrome reads "All cookies and site data." It looks like they
  4. That's not an option for me either. CCleaner is cleaning all Chrome temp files, but still not any cookies.
  5. Chrome cookies are still not being cleaned in v 5.36.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I've exhausted the steps in that link: I'm not signed into Chrome with my Google account on either of my 3 computers. When I have signed into Chrome in the past, I actually make it a point to ensure my history is not synced--just bookmarks. Background apps in Chrome are also disabled. As for 5.33, no scans reported any infection. My main PC is 64-bit anyway. I'm not even sure if I had installed 5.33 on my 32-bit laptop but that same laptop actually runs Avast, so I figure it would have caught something. Was uninstalling 5.33 sufficient to wipe all trac
  7. At least it's not just me... although it skips 'local storage' across 3 different computers for me. This is the same problem I posted about here too: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48856
  8. Hello, long time user but first poster here... I wanted to report the latest version of CCleaner is not cleaning any cookies in the latest version of Chrome. History is removed just fine, though. This looks like a similar issue that we saw a month or so ago. I first noticed this when returning to YouTube after running CCleaner and seeing my volume for videos was still set the same (instead of being set the whole way up as it does with no cache). I then went into my cookie settings within Chrome, and there were thousands of cookies still present. Oddly enough, I still have to re-log ba
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