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  1. Thank you for the better link. Unfortunately, McAfee blocks the installation of the slim version as well. So, I am still unable to use CCleaner.
  2. There is no mention of a "slim bulid" at that link. Just one big green "download now" button. Did you even go to that link to read what's available there before recommending that? Its now 48 hours since I last tried to download the latest version from the Piriform site, and McAfee still blocks any installation of it and says there's a Trojoan. That's pretty sad that Piriform can't even control how clean the file is that they're offering from their own download site? Why not shut it down until you can actually offer clean version? Sad! Please send an update when a Trojan-free version is available to download from the Piriform site. Otherwise, please advise how I might get refund from the payment I made for the Pro verion of CCleaner. Thanks!
  3. I just tried downloading v5.35 from that link, and McAfee is still blocking installation, and calling it a Trojan. Below is the log from McAfee. Please advise. Adaptive Threat Protection Analyzer / Detector Product name McAfee Endpoint Security Product version Feature name On-Execute Scan Threat Action taken Block Threat category Malware Detected Threat event ID 35104 Threat handled Yes Threat name ATP/Suspect!92fcff26e8c5 Threat severity Critical Threat timestamp 9/22/2017 14:56 Threat type Trojan Source Source process name C:\USERS\xxxxxxx\DOWNLOADS\CCSETUP535.EXE Source user name GLOBAL\xxxxxxx Target Target hash e6f5ad3fd6d0f64ec88357fc481a71ab Target name CCLEANER64.EXE Target path C:\PROGRAM FILES\CCLEANER Target signer Symantec Class 3 SHA256 Code Signing CA Other Vector type Local System Description Adaptive Threat Protection Detection
  4. Much of this thread is far too technical for me. Here is my situation, simply: - I purchased and installed CCleaner Professional edition on 9/5 - I purchased and installed Malwarebytes the same day - on 9/19 CCleaner disappeared completely from my computer. I reinstalled - on 9/20 and 9/21, i reinstalled again, only to have the program vanish each day, with no warning or message about why it was removed and which program uninstalled it (I assume it was McAfee, see below). - on 9/22 i attempted to reinstall, but McAfee blocked the install.exe from running. I assume the latest (clean) version of CCleaner is on the site as of this morning, yet McAfee is flagging it as a threat and blocking installation. I don't know if I should try to circumvent McAfee, or if the latest version of CCleaner still has a Trojan/threat in it. - throughout this whole process, from 9/5 through today, Malwarebytes has not once detected any malware. it seems McAfee is more sensitive to security risks than Malwarebytes. Will a version be released that is approved for installation by McAfee? Unfortunately, my company has installed McAfee and I have no choice but to run it. My laptop is checked by IT on a regular basis and they've never flagged or asked me to remove CCleaner or Malwarebytes in the past. Any help or advice would be appreciated. If I can't get installation of CCleaner to work without McAfee blocking it, I will have to ask for a refund from my CCleaner purchase. Thanks!
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