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  1. Hello, as tittle says in my CCleaner is Chrome extensions tab empty. Of course i have some extensions in chrome installed.
  2. Hello, i just wonder how those microupdates works. For example i am still on CCleaner 5.63 while i have new Health check. I dont understand how this is possible if CCleaner64.exe was not modified. So where are updates stored? Thank you.
  3. Sometimes when i run CCleaner, it stuck at IE clean for some time and after some time it continue with Esent error (Event 489 - WebCacheV01.dat only for reading) in windows log. But sometimes is stuck completely without doing anything for some time (CCleaner clean IE cookie that moment), then i must hit cancel button and after that CCleaner completely freeze and windows must shut down CCleaner. (Application hang - Event 1002). I use default settings for IE. Win 7 64 bit
  4. So you want tell me you are able recover files deleted by this program?
  5. Thanks for answer. So if i disable service in CCleaner, then is set to MANUAL not DISABLED right? Anyway disabled service from CCleaner should remember last state Automatic or Automatic delayed or if I enable inactive service it should remember if was Manual or Disabled (for safe rollback).
  6. Hello, there is option enable or disable, dont understand this. In Windows service manager i can choose from Automatic, Automatic Delayed, manual or disabled. If i disable some service and enable it again, CCleaner remeber last state for example that service was automatic delayed? Or it just do mess in my system? CCleaner says some of my services are disabled, but they actually running. Disabled means they are not set to automatic? Manual is counted as disabled? Thanks for explanation.
  7. I am using Bitkiller, small portable program: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bitkiller/
  8. Hello, I still missing this function in CCleaner. There is secure delete for everything in options and wipe free space, but no file shredder for selected files and folders only. I dont need secure delete everything i have checked in CCleaner, also wipe free space heavily stress HDD. So with file shredder will be CCleaner complete. For now i must use another program to doing this.
  9. Please remove this bloatware from free version. I always need to wait until CCleaner check for updates when I need use Tool tab. Or just move it lower in Tools tab to fix this delay. I know CCleaner is now owned by Avast so here must be tons of bloat and popups.
  10. So what is wrong? Chrome should delete those files by self? Should i delete them or leave it? But i have still more those files.
  11. Thank you for answer, but i dont know puprose of those files or if they can be deleted.
  12. Hello, my default folder is now full of .ldb files. I dont know if is normal or not, but i have much more those files each time i look to this folder. Should it be cleaned?
  13. So strange, on virustotal Avira detect nothing. So any explanation from CCleaner?
  14. Use brain if possible, one unknown AV says Trojan, while other famous AVs detect nothing, that will be false positive for sure.
  15. Yes that is paradox. Program used from removing crap, is now crap by self. Adding new still runing process, previous version had Adware. Just like Avast which is Adware and Bloatware in one product.
  16. Is not bug at all, just Piriform need telemetry from everyone so is forced to enable it again if you disable it.
  17. I still dont understand why you block CCleaner in firewall. I want disable monitoring because is another still running process, which can cause longer system bootup etc. So if you let him already running, so there is no reason block it in firewall. It send useful data to Piriform which they can use for bug fixing. If you bloick it in firewall, your process run completely useless.
  18. Delete or disable is the same. But if you delete it, you cannot enable it again without reinstallation CCleaner.
  19. You probably not deleted CCleaner64.exe/Monitor, not disabled ccupdate task or you just forgot untick monitoring and tray icon in settings. Make sure you have also unchecked start CCleaner with PC startup. You can also rename CCupdate.exe to something else, but if you disable that task correctly, this is not needed. BTW this version is better for me, because now clean faster (No IE stuck anymore) and not caused any ESENT error yet, which was pretty common before this version.
  20. You probably doing something wrong. For me this working perfectly. The key of re-enabling is ccupdate task. So i if you disable it, it cannot enable monitoring again.
  21. You have to open Windows (not CCleaner) Task Scheduler. This task is hidden but Task Scheduler shows hidden task by default.
  22. Disable CCupdate task which causing re-enabling monitoring.
  23. This executable can also change your CCleaner settings and add new entries to startup. Last version 5.45.6611 is famous for it. CCupdate.exe always add CCleaner64.exe/Monitor to Startup entries and change value in registry "Monitoring" from "0" to "1". That is completely wrong. This executable should only check for security updates, but it should not change anything in our PC's.
  24. 1.Disable Active monitoring, System monitoring in options. Also disable CCleaner tray icon. 2.Remove CCleaner64.exe/Monitor (or CCleaner.exe/Monitor) from startup entries. 3.Disable "CCleaner Update" task in Task Scheduler. 4.Restart PC Now is monitoring permanently disabled.
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