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  1. I really try and avoid having to spend money on software..lately though I did in fact purchase the unlock key on some android software that I feel is some of the BEST software I've ever used with android. David
  2. Hi agustin1861, I'm waiting for someone that hopefully represents piriform to address our issue..I really was hoping their software could retrieve my your image's. David
  3. Hi, This morning I installed the latest version of Recuva onto my windows 10 laptop, I seem to have the USB connection setup properly between my phone and my PC. The issue I'm having is when I open the recuva software and attempt to search for the image files on my phone..in the location of where to search, my phone isn't showing up in the location list. When I go into the 'file explorer' on my pc, my phone is showing in there..am I doing something incorrectly ? Thanks, David
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