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  1. Oops. Sorry. I'm a small-time, part-time computer tech who has installed the free version of CCleaner on less than 100 computers over the past 10 years. Thus I suppose I'm not allowed to ask for help, or report problems. Forget I said anything.
  2. Thank you for the responses. On one computer I have reinstalled CCleaner with no problems. I do not use the monitoring feature. I am a computer tech and have installed and used CCleaner on every computer I've worked on. Without knowing what Microsoft has against CCleaner, I am going to have to assume that it is the Registry Cleaner part. I guess I had better use the reg cleaner more sparingly in the future, only using it to remove registry entries that I'm 100% sure about. That's going to take more time.
  3. It would be nice to know what exactly CCleaner does that damages Windows 10.
  4. Today two computers I have with Windows 10 installed some update, and the result was that both CCleaner and Spybot Search & Destroy were removed by Windows 10 because they were "incompatible". In the note about CCleaner being removed, it said that CCleaner damages Windows 10, which is why it was removed.
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