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  1. FredLeon

    Topala SIW

    Agreat Information Prog Topala SIW - System Information for Windows Standalone English Version SIW is a standalone utility that does not require installation (Portable Freeware) SIW is an advanced System Information for Windows tool, that gathers detailed information about your system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely comprehensible manner. SIW can create a report file (CSV, HTML, TXT or XML), and is able to run in batch mode (for Asset Inventory Tracking, Computer (Software and Hardware) Inventory, PC Audit, Software Audit, Software License Compliance Management). http://www.gtopala.com/
  2. Thanks YoKenny. I had that address in my bookmarks about 5 years ago. now I can update.
  3. September Chinese sign for my year :- Rabbit: Sociable, Discreet, Refined, Shrewd, Perceptive, Sensitive, Aloof. While they may not like it, the Rabbit is a timid, attractive being who is usually non-confrontational. Rabbits are very popular with friends and family. They are inherently compassionate and protective of those they care about. Rabbits idealize their relationships and may give far more of themselves than is healthy. Fortunately the Rabbit surrounds itself with friends and family who will help it regain its balance when thrown off emotionally. Rabbits are a bit fragile and need a solid social foundation in order to thrive. Without a strong family and close friends the Rabbit will not stand up well to adversity. Rabbits are so sensitive to their feelings that any emotional upset may make them physically sick. Rabbits can be pessimistic if they feel as though their lives are at a stand-still. By nature they are insecure about their place in the world. Rabbits move through life at their own pace. They are both contemplative and often procrastinators. Rabbits love the home life. Within a strong family environment the Rabbit may find the security it needs to blossom and become more self-assertive.
  4. Thank you for that info. I've down loaded and used it. I'm sure w1r1 will thank you in due course.
  5. OS: Windows XP SP2 Browser: Firefox with AdBlockPlus-FEBE-JavaQuickStarter-British English Dictionary, K-Meleon Firewall: Lavasoft Personal FW Security: BitDefender AV 2008, SUPERAntiSpy Pro, CounterSpy Media player: WMP 11, GOM, XnView Archiver: WinRar 3.8, 7Zip Rip/Burn: Ashampoo Studio 6, SonicRecordNow Office: MS Office 2007, Sage PDF: Adobe Reader 9 Screen Print: Gadwin PrintScreen Rename: THE Rename Clean up: CCleaner, EasyCleaner, FreeWindowSweeper, EvidenceBlaster Defrag: Defraggler, AusLogics-DiscDefrag Back-up: AcronisTrueImagePersonal(free), Erunt
  6. Thanks for the link Hazel, superb burner!
  7. Thanks very much Hazelnut, that's put my mind at rest. You always come up with an answer, much appreciated. Fred
  8. Please can anyone help? Hazelnut maybe?
  9. Both new version (2.04) and last version don't clean old prefetch files. Is it a wrong setting? Or can you suggest why, please?
  10. AUTO COPY With Autocopy all you have to do to copy text to the clipboard, is to select it, just drg the cursor over the text & instantly it copies it to the clipboard. Thats all you have to do. Select anything on a webpage and it's automatically on the clipboard. No more ctrl-c, no more Rightclick-Copy, no more Edit->Copy. Autocopy features # Automatically copies selected text to the clipboard # Pastes in most fields with middle click # Works with the Copy Plain Text extension avaliable here http://mozmonkey.com/copyplaintext/ # Statusbar button to turn autocopy on or off # Right click on the statusbar button to quickly access autocopy's options # Special context menu item that displays when a selection is made # Blinks to let you know that your selection is on the clipboard # Keyboard shortcut to turn autocopy on or off (defualt is ctrl-shift-c) # works in Firefox, Mozilla, and Thunderbird. Auto Copy
  11. Thanks sincerely for staying with my case HAZELNUT. I had the full McAfee Internet Security Suite 7. I've become dis-illusioned with them so I un-installed it thro' the Add/Remove Programs tool. I removed all other McAfee files after Search, then looked thro' Windows Explorer and deleted all McAfee files I could find. These 7 files(I call them files, CC calls them programs) I think must be in the registry. Having installed CC, I then found that these 7 files are set to run at start-up, but would not delete. I have just been thro' your suggestion in the Control Panel Hazelnut, but can find nothing in services to do with McAfee. I have not received a reply from their Tech unit yet (that seems par for the course, but perhaps I'm being too anti McAfee) I'll report when I get a reply. I hope I'm not boring you. Regards Fred
  12. Thanks for your response ANDAVARI and HAZELNUT I've downloaded the McAfee Removal Tool (MCPR.exe) and run it. But the problem still exists. I've tried their "Internet Chat" with a real person but the space in the window to type the message is so small and it doesn't scroll along, so you are typing blind, coupled with the amount of time they give you to respond (60secs), it's difficult to explain the situation. So I've Emailed the problem to thier tech support and hope for an answer. Do you want me to report the outcome of that? Just in case anybody else has this problem the files are:- MSKAGENT.EXE MCAgentExe MCUpdateExe MPFExe VSOCheckTask VirusScan Online MSKAGENTEXE Regards Fred
  13. Cannot get CCs start-up tool to delete 7 McAfee start up files. (McAfee suite is un-installed) I have run Mike Lins Start Up Control Panel, & when I un-tick them on the control panel they reappear immediately with its box ticked. If I delete them, they reappear, and after a Restart they still show on startup list. I have Run Dial-a-Fix Repair Permissions tool. then tried both CCs Start-up Tool, and Mike Lins Panel again, but with the same results (still there). Please can you help. Fred
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