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  1. Hi, As a regular user of Defraggler I must say I'm really dissappointed. Below are the screenshots of same drive analyzed with both Defraggler and Perfectdisk at the same time: 1.: 2.: 3.: As you can see (1.) Defraggler (v1.16.165) reported what's been fragged yet skips "the elephant in the room" and displayed it as NON-fragged (thus nothing in the report) even it'd been run in debug level 2... But Perfectdisk (v10.x) reported otherwise (2.,3.) (also MyDefrag too) and when the curtain was lifted we can see "the elephant" 2 GIGABYTE of video file in 101 PIECES which Defraggler tricked me to think it was defragged... I've have posted the "debug file" only if it wasn't too intrusive revealing my specs and contents of my drives which should have an anonymity switch (instead of filenames, filenumbers) in the future for the concerned like myself... Also it's annoying the "debug" mode disrespects "don't connect to internet" option and keeps bugging me for every start... This (I'd like to believe) the only case I've spotted so far about this version. I hope whatever the cause it'll be fixed in the next version. Sorry couldn't help more for diagnostics of the problem... Thanks... ;-) P.S: Attachments are same and put just in case images are erased away...
  2. OK, Then help me to either understand or solve how do I get to clean them "myself" while I've been using both Flash and CCleaner for quite some time. Refering to your; correct me if I'm mistaken but if you refer to Cleaner[sidetab]->Applications[tab]; here's mine: "NO FLASH" related item but "FLASH" Installed if not the right section, then please pinpoint me where because I don't see "it" anywhere else in CCleaner... And also refering to your; %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player|*.*|RECURSE I'm not sure but I guess I've seen that before in former "CCleaner.ini" files where newer versions don't contain this format. I even tried enabling "Firefox->Cookies" (which I use) cleaning but still NO effect at all... BUT if you want me to "manually include" the above "flash folder" in the CCleaner->Options[sidetab]->Include[insidetab] then it might work. But then again your claim on "automatic cleaning" by CCleaner will become meaningless... So having a greater knowledge, please enlighten/help me more on the subject...
  3. Hi, I'd like to suggest the developers to have a better look at here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6623 for the brief definition of Flash related "Super Cookies". Until recently I haven't been aware of it myself yet when I searched for the " *.sol " file extension (suggested by a commenter) on my system drive; I surprisingly found out tenths of these cookies... I deleted them since their path also specified the sites that are using them where none of those sites are the ones that I'd like to keep their cookies; e.g: ...\#www.youtube.com\settings.sol or ...\www.youtube.com\sounddata.sol etc... Since CCleaner is so good dealing with wide range of crap cleaning, why not include an option for cleaning these kind of unwanted cookies? Since they're exploiting the flash induced mechanism to bypass standard cookie handling (like it's not good enough?), I believe these cookies deserve the more the cleaning... I'll look forward for the next update including this ;-)...
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