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  1. Hi again all... I agree that it's quite possible CCleaner is setup in such a way that it requires a reboot to clear this particular menu item, but nonetheless it is not necessary... If you clear the recent programs list from the taskbar (by right-clicking the start button and going to properties/customize)... the list clears immediately and does not require a reboot to begin adding to the list again. So the Windows system obviously does not require a reboot to perform this task. However, perhaps this issue is not actually a bug, but rather should be moved to the suggestions sectio
  2. Hi Roxie, I don't use CCleaner to clear my programs list (I just do it from the taskbar)... but I thought I'd try it tonight just to see if I could reproduce your results. This is what I found: 1. The recent programs list (user assist history) is not cleared immediately by CCleaner. 2. Opening any program that would normally appear on that list seems to clear it. I did not actually have to run CCleaner again. I opened Microsoft Word then noticed the list had cleared afterwards. 3. Programs are not added again to the list until after a reboot of my machine. I am usi
  3. Hello, IE7 has tabbed browsing and I'm liking it quite a bit. No problems at all thus far with the latest beta version, aside from a minor issue with CCleaner and cookies which I'm sure will be addressed at some point. Dig
  4. Hi, If it helps at all with pinpointing the IE7 cookie issue, this has been my experience... Even if I tell CCleaner to leave all of my cookies intact (by unchecking the 'cookies' box altogether), they are all still deleted on reboot of my machine. However, if I uncheck the box for 'delete index.dat files', the cookies section behaves as expected. CCleaner keeps the ones I want and deletes the rest. So for now I simply keep the box for index.dat files unchecked and everything works great. Given that IE7 is still in Beta, issues like this are of course to be expected. No complai
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