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  1. Hi there does anyone know if the IE7 index.dat and cookies xref deletion has been fixed? Thanks
  2. IE7 cookie bug I've finally trapped the problem: it appears to be related to index.dat deletion. To keep cookie data as in the exception list, don't delete index.dat.... probably in the new IE7 index.dat there must be some pointers to cookies; once you delete index.dat some broken links happen and even if cookies are there it's like they aren't.......until a fix is there,,,,,
  3. 1) Updated CCleaner to 1.34.407 2) Cleared the cookie exception list 3) Installed IE7 Final. 4) Deleted all cookies within IE7 5) Launched CCleaner 6) Edited cookie exception list (empty) 7) Added some cookies 8) Exited CCleaner and IE7 9) Launched IE7 again and all cookie based settings are lost..... Do you think is it possible to fix yhis bug?
  4. NAAAAAAAAAAAA........ it's there again..... still wiping out something and back to form fill again.....hopeing for a fix asap.......
  5. WOOOOOAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! YES !!!!!! back again to my favourite mate!!!
  6. Exactly, need to login and login on every webboard!!! But the cookie exclusion list in my PC is popoluted it isn't empty.....
  7. Since IE7 beta install, I'm loosing all my website prefs when CCleaner runs. IE website prefs are stored into cookies and I do have a list of cookies CCleaner must keep. Nevertheless when CCleaner runs I need to save again settings (ccokies). Example? Google prefs.
  8. I'm an aold CCleaner user and I've been very satisfied since then. Lately I've upgraded to IE7 beta; since that moment I've noticed that when using CCleaner, IE7 loses it's "cookies saved settings", like Google settings. Usually those settings are stored in cookies, that I'm excluding from deletion, within CCleaner options. For that purpose I've told CCleaner to keep multiple cookies, and CCleaner itself is showing the correct cookies to be excluded from deletion.... Could it be that CCLeaner is pointing to an old cookie directory?
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