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  1. Mr. Ron, Just noticed one more thing - when I try to scan the "C Drive", if I can read the popup screen correctly, it say "Completed Process 0%, 0 Files found" and the progress bar does not move to 100%.
  2. Mr Ron, Yes, I'm logged in as Administrator and the File System is NTFS. Interesting, but the "D Drive" is also formatted as NTFS and Recuva finds deleted files just fine on that drive; but the "C Drive", nothing, just a very fast completion of the program scan - almost like nothing is happening. I did just think of someting. When I look at "Start" by right-clicking, if I open "All Users" and look in Programs, Recuva is not there. Looks like it is installed under my user id only. Is this a clue? Is there a way to make it available to "All Users?" Anything else I can try?
  3. Mr. Ron, I am having a similar problem. If I scan my "D Drive" or any other drive other than the "C Drive", the program works fine - finds deleted files (although there appears to be an unrelated issue that the deleted files don't have the same name as the originals). But when I scan the "C Drive" - the one with the WindowsXP operating system, it completes in less than a second and finds nothing. I have even created a file (word.doc), saved it and then deleted it, emptied the recycle bin, and ran Recuva - nothing is found. But if I do the same test and save the file to the "D Drive", Recuva does find the file, but with a strange file name. (the original file was named "word.doc" but the one found was Di8.doc). Any idea why the primary drive search appears to fail?
  4. I guess I'm confused, too. I just created a Word document named "tom.doc" I saved it to my "D Drive" and then deleted it, and emptied the recycle bin. When I ran Recuva for that drive, I saw a file named Di8.doc and sure enough, it was the deleted file. I have no idea why the name was changed. But searching for the specific file "tom.doc" did not produce anything. Any thoughts?
  5. Well, I found where Firefox keeps the Google Toolbar History - its in a "pref.js" file, which I belive is a Java Script. The line looks like this: user_pref("google.toolbar.search_box_history", "firefox preferences\ and continues with a string of history items. Does anyone know how to build an entry in winapps2 to delete a line within a file, like the pref.js. IF I delete the entire file, all the user preferences are gone - I just want to delete one line within the file. I'm not that familiar with winapps2 but so far all I see are ways to delete the entire file.
  6. JD: Thanks - that works but I don't want to clear the history during workings sessions (where the browser may be closed in the course of the day) but just when I have CClean scheduled to run. I know that CCLeaner lists "Google Toolbar" in the Cleaner Settings under Applications/Internet but that apparently is for the Internet Explorer version of the Toolbar and not the Firefox version. I just can't find what folder or key the Firefox Google Toolbar keeps it's history. Got to be somewhere that I can put it in the winapps2.ini Thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to set up CCleaner so it will clean the seach history in the Google Toolbar for Firefox? It currently cleans the Google Search history for the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer but apparently the search history for the Firefox version of the Google Toolbar is not located in the same place. CCleaner cleans the Firefox cache and history but not the Google Toolbar dropdown search list. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Version 1.34.407 "Advanced/UserAssist History" does clear after running CCleaner but does not start to re-build the list until after a complete System Reboot. Is this normal? If I clear the list with right-click "Start/Properties/Customize/General/Clear List" it will rebuild immediately on opening the next application progam - without a System Reboot. Seems CCleaner should work the same way.
  9. roxie

    about firefox

    Since a lot of you are using Firefox - are you also using the Extension "Google Toolbar for Firefox?" If so, can you tell me how I can add "Google Toolbar for Firefox" to the winapps2.ini? Currently CCleaner does not clear the Search History (drop-down box) on this Google Toolbar - it only clears the recent seraches on the Google Toolbar for IE (both version 3 & 4 - and I think they are located in the winapps.ini). Just not the Firefox version. Thanks
  10. I just noticed that when I clean Firefox, CCleaner does not clean the Search History for the "Google Toolbar for Firefox." My assumption is that I need to add this to the winapps2.ini file, but I don't know where the settings are stored for this version of the Google Toolbar. The Internet Explorer version of Google Toolbar is being taken care of in the main winapps.ini file and its history for both version 3 and version 4 are being cleaned. Has anyone added the "Google Toolbar for Firefox" to the winapps2.ini? Or, can you tell me what key/s need to be set? Thanks
  11. Robbie, I have another program called "Clean Cache 3.0" and it also removes the items in the Start list after one new program is opened; but it does not require a reboot, very similar to how Windows is doing it. So, if these two methods (Windows Start Properties and Clean Cache) work without a reboot, maybe Mr. G and see if CCleaner can be tweaked or at least indicate which items require a reboot. I kept running CCleaner several times before I realized the reboot was needed. Thanks for confirming what I was seeing.
  12. JD - It made perfect sense - and it works like a champ! I wasn't sure what MR. G was getting at when he said to copy the Office XP entries over to the winapps2 file - I figured both files would run and I'd be back to where I started. Thanks so much for the help - now I can keep the Default Data Directory but clean the "history files" with individual keys - unfortunately, Access builds about 20 string values, so I need to build 19 keys to clean in order to keep the one that I want. Maybe someday we can figure out how to "exclude" or build a "not" logic command to clean everything "except"......
  13. Mr. G: I tried your suggestion - copied the [Office XP] information into the winapps2.ini but since it still appears in the winapps.ini, it looks like that file still takes precedence since no matter what I change in the winapps2 file, Access is still getting cleaned by the winapps.ini. Did I missunderstand what you intended? If I delete the original Office XP from the winapps.ini, won't it get put back in with the next release? I'm back to "which runs first" - winapps.ini or winapps2.ini and what happens if both files contain Office XP options? Thanks - sorry to keep this going.
  14. I agree - if the Start/Properties/Start Menu/Customize/Clear List doesn't require a reboot, apparently the files aren't in use when Windows clears the list. So, maybe Mr. G can help us understand why CCleaner need the reboot to start the list populating again. Somehow, I think CCleaner may not be clearing the same thing but I thought it was the MRU list keys in both cases.
  15. I had this over on the Bugs forum, but maybe its working as designed, but I'm not sure. If I clean Windows/Advnaced/UserAssist History, the programs listed in the Start Menu, Recent list do not clear; they stay on the list until one new program is opened. Then the list clears completely - but it does not start to repopulate until after a complete system reboot. The popup prompt says "this item will clear the most recent used progarms list on the XP Start menu." If I go to Start, right click and select properties/Start Menu/Customize/Clear List - the list clears immediately and it begins repopulating immediately. That's why I thought CCleaner may have a bug. Is a system reboot needed for certain items to clean and begin working again? I don't see this in documentation anywhere, so I don't know if this is just my system or "by design." If its working as designed, maybe it could be tweaked in the next release to work the way the Clear List works in Windows XP?? At this point, I'm confused if it should work this way or not. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this. CCleaner v1.33.382; Windows XP Pro
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