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  1. This last reply was also detailed and clear. :) Thank you. *** As I've written, I'm new to Win 10. If you feel like it and have some free time. https://superuser.com/questions/1656097/windows-10-force-ie-11-to-use-nonantialiased-font https://github.com/Open-Shell/Open-Shell-Menu/issues/743
  2. @nukecad, I'm indeed new to Win 10. Well, this was one of the clearest and most helpful replies I've ever received on any forum! Thank you so much. *** Are you active on any general Windows 10 forum? :)
  3. @nukecad, I've tested it with different settings as you've suggested. While doing that - It occured to me that the culprit was indeed Intel UHD 630, and that there's a difference between a reboot (after a complete shut down) and a restart. - I usually run CCleaner before a complete shut down, and on reboot dwm.exe RAM usage is high. I then restart and dwm.exe is "stable". I've now tried a a complete shut down without running CCleaner and got an "unstable" dwm.exe after rebooting. Does that make any sense? Thank you. *** @Nergal, I'm using the portable version, and I don't have a winapp2 file in the installation folder. Any other idea? Thank you.
  4. I never wait to see if it drops down. I just reboot. But, again, it only happens after using CCleaner. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. Yes, I do have Intel UHD 630. It's hard for me to accept CCleaner is the cause, but I've tested it many times: rebooting without using CCleaner (before shutting down), dwm.exe consumes ~70 MB. *** I don't know if this is related or not: It takes CCleaner ~ 5 seconds to fully load the content. - The main interface loads instantly, and then I get the throbber for some seconds.
  6. Hello, Normally dwm.exe consumes ~70 MB RAM on my machine. Using CCleaner "Custom Cleaning" and rebooting, dwm.exe RAM usage may jump quite quickly to 2 GB. - This is consistent. Any idea what cleaning entries I should uncheck? Thank you.
  7. @Paul Piriform, Thank you for your work. Much appreciated. Should the "Minimize to tray on Close" issue be fixed as well?
  8. @TheOwner, Due to the issue described in I've downgraded to an older version. Thanks again.
  9. Done. I'll post again if it auto-runs on my next startup. Thank you. I appreciate it.
  10. @TheOwner, Auto-update is disabled in CCleaner Settings and I can't find a CCupdate in the Task Manager. Thank you.
  11. @Nergal, Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. I'll downgrade to an older version for the time being.
  12. How can I disable the new CCleaner / MONITOR service set to run on Windows Startup? I've disabled and even deleted the entry but it shows up again on the next startup. Thank you.
  13. Thanks again Nergal. A good advice. BTW, we both encountered the "Super Cookies" after upgrading to FF 41. Briefly reading the post in Mozillazine, it seems the feature landed earlier. And why am I not notified of new replies here? Just read your last one. Best regards.
  14. Hi Nergal, Thank you so much! Really clever. Well, I'll have to learn this issue. It's nice that CCleaner is up-to-date and detecting those cookies. I really appreciate your kind help. Best regards.
  15. FF 41 came out last Tusday. Would you be kind enough to upgrade and try to reproduce the issue? I'd be grateful. *** I'll be offline for a while.
  16. Mine is 41. The issue might be in this version. Is there a reason you don't want to upgrade? Thank you.
  17. I'm glad we're on the same page now. Just the site. May I ask which version of Firefox you're using?
  18. A brand new screenshot. http://s14.postimg.org/i3b7j6h1d/Cookies.png I manually deleted the cookies in Firefox (except adblock which wasn't there) befor opening CCleaner. Thanks.
  19. This is an intersting explanation. I've been using CCleaner for years and never encountered this behavior. I'll post again when some more cookies are added to CCleaner's list. Thank you. I appreciate your help.
  20. Thanks again. Adblock is just an example. The screenshot was taken after cleaning the other cookies. The behavior you describe never happened on my machine. It's new.
  21. Thanks again Nergal. Let's forget the Private Browsing issue. I think it's irelevant. A correction: Deleted cookies were not displayed when Analyzing or in CCleaner: Options -> Cookies. I'll try to be more clear. STR: 1) Delete all cookies in Firefox. 2) Close the browser. 3) Open CCleaner. 4) CCleaner: Options -> Cookies. Result: CCleaner displays a list of cookies that no longer exsist. This is new. CCleaner never before displayed removed/deleted cookies. And why should it? They're already removed. Thank you.
  22. Hello again, I uninstalled CCleaner v5.10.5373 and installed the previous version; - the same behavior. I've reinstalled v5.10.5373. I removed all cookies in the browser and also deleted "cookies.sqlite" in my FF profile folder. CCleaner still displayed a list of FF cookies. I think I've figured it out: CCleaner -> Analyze -> View detailed results. CCleaner displayes removed cookies. http://s12.postimg.org/hgrp04xr1/image.png I'm sure this was not the behavior on my machine. Deleted cookies were not displayed when Analyzing. I'd appreciate an explanation.
  23. Hi Andavari, The case is the other way around: "CCleaner v5.10.5373 displays Firefox v41 cookies which I can't find in Firefox itself." Thank you.
  24. Hello Nergal, Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. - Firefox icon. Those cookies were created in a Private Browsing window and deleted by FF. BTW, I checked "Follow this topic" but wasn't notified of your reply. Regards.
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