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  1. I was speaking about the software included on the retail CD I purchased back in 2013, v3.27.1900. I used my original CD and installed CC Pro onto a VM with it. The link to the EULA I speak of in the installer is accessible before you actually install the software. Same for the "About" box in this version. It doesn't mention anything about the software being subject to a subscription. If you like, you can download the version and see for yourself. So, I think this pretty much should put an end to the lifetime license, at least as of 2013. Piriform just handled this very, very poorly
  2. I purchased a retail copy of CC Pro for "Unlimited PCs" ~2013. The box did not include a EULA. The installer also did not include a EULA, but rather a link to a EULA. I admit I was under the impression that CC Pro provided lifetime updates, but, alas, I was wrong. Using the Internet Archive, I was able to find the EULA dated 25 JAN 2013 that I have included at the end of this post. It does indeed state that service is for a year following email notification of my account details: "The Services shall start on the date on which Piriform sends a confirmatory email to you confirming full pay
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