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  1. Spam your email? President's Day Sale, every app 1 cent. Na, they don't spam at all. I don't think 3 years is long enough for this topic. Let's keep it alive for no reason! JKing


    This topic really is dead now.


    Oh late...


    Now, it really is!

  2. All I use is Firefox, my wife is an IE fan. For some reason, some sites she goes to. Do not work right on IE 10 and we have IE 11 just around the corner too. I will try out Chrome once they release a stable version with the new engine.

  3. I will probably get it, just going to wait to see if Microsoft sends me anything. I have been doing a lot of closed testing stuff on it. I heard I was supposed to get a big discount on it, but then again it is Microsoft...

  4. The winapp2.ini file is just fine to have. We have been in discussion for some time now about winapp2.ini. The large file of the winapp2.ini was slowing down the performance of CCleaner. So, I removed the actual file. It's probably best to just make a new winapp2.ini and put in the entries that you only need.

  5. Sorry to ruin it guys. I got the message too. He/she/it or whatever is gone. I don't know if she is hot or not, so I didn't reply.


    Here is a hint: Next time send a pic if you are going to spam pms. If you are hot I might let it slide. ;)


    Ok, maybe not...

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