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  1. I found this browser to be really nice. I like it alot better than Maxthon, I have tried an older version of Avant awhile back, and didn't like it at all. But, this new 10 version is really something. I still use Firefox of course, but it's a good IE replacement.



  2. Here is a Technical Bug.


    Version: 1.19.105


    Not sure how long it's been in CCleaner. Just found it...


    Applies to winapp.ini, winapp2.ini, winsys.ini, and winreg.ini


    Changing the Default= value of an entry in any of the ini's, CCleaner will not recognize the new Default= value. You have to manually change it in the registry.

  3. Ah, Windows 95. It will surely happen with 95. When you unistall programs or drivers, it tends to leave dlls still in Windows.


    Fixing them shouldn't cause any problems, you shouldn't notice anything. But, you can always back them up to be safe.

  4. Notebook


    Notebook is really good when you need to cut and paste stuff to notepad. But Notebook is better, it's smaller, and stays in the taskbar when you close it. So it doesn't take up desktop space. It auto saves the text, so you can paste or type more stuff. Plus it has a spell checker.




    It looks good and I am planning on using it, but I am out of blank CD's. :(

  5. Notebook


    Notebook is a text editor that can be used to take simple notes, or as a replacement for Microsoft's Notepad application.

    When not in use, Notebook resides in the system tray.


    Notebook will automatically save the text you have written upon exit and restore it when restarted.


    Notebook incorporates all the standard features expected from a text editor, plus a few extras.


    Features Include:

    ? Open, Save & Print capability for text files

    ? Spell checker

    ? Global Hotkey Assignment

    ? Transparency

    ? Ability to stay on top of other windows

    ? Ability to load when Windows starts

    ? Live Update over the Internet




    CD Menu


    Allows the user to construct a CD which will install a variety of applications

    from a menu list, by selecting the item and clicking the install button.

  6. CCleaner not cleaning correctly.


    [Current User Temp]


    DetectFile=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp


    FileKey1=%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temp|*.*


    It won't delete any folders in that folder. Can you have it to delete everything in that folder? (Except for files in use of course).



  7. I think this would classify as a bug. The categories get out of order when adding entires in winapp2.ini.




    [Downloaded Installations]


    DetectFile=%windir%\Downloaded Installations


    FileKey1=%windir%\Downloaded Installations|*.*


    The Windows category is now second. See screenshot.





  8. Well I do have a suggestion. This wouldn't be too hard for you to do, since you already have most of it programmed anyways. In Tools, create a new tab called "Registry Backup" where you can create a full backup of the registry or restore a full backup of the registry. Have the date and even the time as the registry backup file name.


    Just create a new folder in the CCleaner directory called reg backup or something. It would come in handle for alot of people and it would be a great addition to CCleaner.

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