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  1. I really like the RTM version of Windows 10, but I haven't found any security suite apps that work with 10 except for Comodo Security Suite. But each build you install, it breaks the app totally. You have to uninstall it and then reinstall it. I found using Windows Defender and Windows 10 Firewall Control app works the best so far until the apps are updated to Windows 10. Sadly Microsoft Edge is still crap, it's very sluggish, and slow at times. I still use Firefox though.


    The version the Windows Insiders are using is 10240, which is the RTM version. HP, Dell, and so on are using to put in their new machines to sell. You can except to have updates on day one, updates are getting ready to roll out soon for testing.

  2. I figured I would post here.... I actually posted this to staff before posting here, but it does apply here.


    Here is my honest opinion...


    I have never had any problems with 5 and I really like it. Yes, the GUI does look weird when using Windows 7, but the function of CCleaner works beautifully. When using CCleaner 5 with Windows 10, it looks, and feels like the scheme of Windows. When going back to CCleaner 5 on Windows 7, it seems like the GUI makes sense now, and it doesn't effect my feelings that much. It's all about moving forward, Windows 8 and Windows 10 will soon be the standard. As long as the function is there, the GUI shouldn't matter that much.


    I have supported CCleaner since the beginning. With every major GUI change there has been complaints, but they adapted it to quickly. It may have it's GUI bugs and so on. But, it will be fixed. Sad thing is, I remember being the only staff member, and MrG sending me a beta for the new GUI change in CCleaner 1 version. People don't like change, but change is always going to happen.


    Look at Windows, every new OS has had a complete GUI overhaul. People complain about every one of them, but still use it. I know it sucks, but as a business stand point. You have to keep up or die out. Piriform is making the right move, but you can't except everyone to be happy about it.

  3. CCleaner is not deleting Google Chrome History? There are a few workarounds to fix the problem. There is not a problem with CCleaner, it's because Google Chrome is cloud based.


    #1) Chrome is synced to your Google account. Therefore all browsing information is stored there and won't be cleaned. You can either disable History from the Chrome sync settings, or stop syncing. Go to Menu, Settings, Sign in. This will fix the problem most of the time.


    There is another workaround, if for some reason the above does not work.


    #2) When a process associated with Google Chrome is running during the cleaning operation. All internet browsers need to be closed in order for them to be cleaned properly by CCleaner.

    *There is a setting in Chrome that allows background applications to run after Chrome has already been closed. Go to Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings... uncheck "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed".

    Hopefully this will fix the problem!

  4. People will believe anything. I didn't even hear about this ad until yesterday. I have an iPhone 5 and iOS 7 for sometime now and if you believe that ad. I have a chip for my car that will make it fly too. Software can not make a phone waterproof, it's about the design of the phone. I believe from day one that the internet came out, everyone was told. "Don't believe everything on the internet." Always check the company's web page, not a stupid ad you see.

  5. Piriform's software was always meant to be free. It's just there are perks for pro versions and the business side of it. I remember back when there was only free versions, it was just me and MrG (CCleaner only developed). I got to play with the beta versions. :)


    Welcome by the way!

  6. I like both the OSes, if I had to choose. It would be Android, only ICS or JB though. I really hated GB with a passion, I am a big modder, and I like that the OS is open source. It also has a huge community on how to make the OS better and faster. I think iOS is more stable and runs apps/games better, but the OS was made to run only on certain hardware.

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