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  1. For these last two versions CCleaner has turned on "Automatically check for updates" itself: This is understandable in light of recent security problems. We will see what happens with the next release.
  2. Now it is this (with "check for updates" still unchecked):
  3. Unfortunately, once version 5.33 was released, it didn't take long for version 5.32 to start nagging about it.
  4. We now know the nag problem persists with 5.31.6105, as it is prompting to update to 5.32 (even with "Automatically check for updates" unchecked).
  5. It does seem strange to now add this "Update Available" nag. Why include the option in settings to "Automatically check for updates to CCleaner" when CCleaner is going to check anyway?
  6. I am running 5.30.6065. I am being nagged to update to 5.31.6105.
  7. With the 5.31 release the update nag is back, meaning that while running 5.30 with "automatically check for updates" unchecked, there is still a notice in the lower right corner saying "you do not have the latest version" and "Update available."
  8. But I have reverted to 5.29 and still have the problem, so how could a patched version 5.30 help me? When I first reverted to 5.29 (by installing on top of 5.30), the nag was still there, so I completely uninstalled 5.29, then reinstalled 5.29, and the nag was gone--only to return again after several uses. Anyway, I will try this patched 5.30 and see how it goes. Thank you. EDIT: I installed the patched 5.30 on top of 5.29, and not only is the update nag gone, but so is the "congrats-you're-cleaned" message that first appeared on 5.30. Thank you again, all is well now with Ccleaner.
  9. Same problem here, which began after I installed version 5.3 and didn't like it (because it kept putting up some new "congratulations-you're-cleaned" notice every time I ran the file cleaner). So I uninstalled and reverted to 5.29; unfortunately, now I keep seeing the "Update Available" nag that the OP mentioned. Monitoring is all off, and "Automatically Check for Updates" is turned off, too.
  10. The same advantages gained by running any other operating system on cutting edge hardware.
  11. I would suggest that it’s not so difficult to understand, especially in light of recent Windows operating systems Vista, 7, and 8, any of which could be characterized as insecure, and two of which are certainly “dead,” albeit walking dead. Arguably, no one in their right mind would run Vista or Windows 8, yet they do. These systems are all part of the market ccleaner serves. So is Windows 2000, which is lean, fast, and functionally superb, plus supported by anti-virus and anti-spyware software of the same type I use on Windows XP, a system with which it has much in common. I suspect that with just a little effort Piriform can restore compatibility with ccleaner.
  12. Piriform could stop updating ccleaner altogether for all operating systems and it would not "stop working" under those platforms; it is updated for good reason, and I think that good reason applies to Windows 2000 as to any other operating system.
  13. Whether it's an old W2K computer or a brand new Windows 2000 installation on a brand new computer, software may be installed and uninstalled (whether the computer is used on the internet or not). CCleaner is helpful in more ways than one, and computers are used in many ways other than just surfing the web. It's really not especially difficult to secure Windows 2000 for web surfing, and the system computationally works great, which is, after all, what computers are for.
  14. Yes, even on a UEFI motherboard, to which I can personally attest, insofar as I am presently running Windows 2000 Professional on a Z77 motherboard / Sandy Bridge processor. As for junk created by Internet Explorer, that is far from the only purpose served by CCleaner.
  15. The latest version of CCleaner (4.00.4064) loses compatibility with the Windows 2000 operating system. CCleaner should remain compatible with the entire family of modern operating systems. While some of my machines use Windows XP, many of us also use W2K machines off-line -- a population of computers that doesn't show up on net-analytics. I think Piriform has the expertise to keep CCleaner working with Windows 2000, and that "feature" is obviously valuable to Windows 2000 users, since without it we cannot continue to use this fine product.
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