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  1. Until they fix the tickboxes (if they ever do), I will stick with v5.40.6411 and leave it at that. Free users or not, I think it's pretty stupid putting in a couple of tickboxes that can't be unticked. You might as well just leave it as a policy note or not tell anybody about your privacy policy at all.
  2. It used to be I could download the "Slim" version and the "Portable" version as separate options. I don't see that anymore. Granted I haven't been to your site in awhile but where can I find them?
  3. My problem here is the graphics card which is showing 952 degrees F https://imgur.com/WsKturT Latest BIOS has been installed Manufacturer: Dell Model: 0CD3KR (U3E1) Version: A00 Chipset Vendor: Intel Chipset Model: ID1910 Chipset Revision: 07 Please fix. Thank you.
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