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  1. It appears to be only the Cookies list that I want to keep ( left side is blank). The cleaning of cookies is working and the "ones to Keep" are not being deleted, this is okay. I install Firefox 61.0, opened several sites and the Cookies list ( left side) show the Firefox cookies - okay. I can "Keep" this and they seem to work for Waterfox. I never had a problem in the past with keeping Waterfox Cookies. I always close all browsers before running CCleaner. Yes, Waterfox is closed
  2. Running latest v5.44, installed 6/26/2018 (system rebuild). Seems that the Waterfox profile is being cleaned following the two CustomLocation1 &CustomLocation2. The Problem is Options / Cookies are not showing the Waterfox cookies in the list so I can move the wanted ones to the Keep side. This worked fine in previous versions. Had to use Chrome and go to these web sites and then view cookie and move them to the Keep side.
  3. I got %APPDATA% to work for cookies, but the system tag of %LOCALAPPDATA% for the location of the cache did not. // Waterfox cookies CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|%APPDATA%\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|d:\Users\DAR\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default // Waterfox Cache CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|%LOCALAPPDATA%\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|d:\Users\DAR\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default
  4. Yes it is a system variable. I ran a cmd and did the echo - I got: "d:\Users\DAR\AppData\Roaming". I was trying to not use a direct folder reference in what I did to get Waterfox cleaned.
  5. Okay found it: Options / Advanced - check box "Save all settings to INI file Yes now at "C:\Program Files\CCleaner". My system has the "User" folders on the D: drive. I added the following to the ccleaner.ini: CustomLocation1=FIREFOX|d:\Users\DAR\AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default CustomLocation2=FIREFOX|d:\Users\DAR\AppData\Local\Waterfox\Profiles\pi5j6e2f.default\cache2 Note: tried using "%APPDATA%" tag but did not work for me. Did a "Analyze" and it now showed Cookie and Cache from Waterfox Hope this helps...
  6. Upgraded to 5.36.6278 - still no fix for Waterfox browser. Suggested thread to "to set customlocation" was not clean as to where the "ccleaner.ini" was.. Waterfox v55.2.2
  7. The new Waterfox v55.1.0.1 has changes the folder for its profile and data. Profile folders was in AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox is now moved to: AppData\Roaming\Waterfox\Profiles Application still lists FireFox...
  8. Were is the System Requirements listed, searched piriform.com. On FileHippo.Com it still lists windows 2000. Sence it does an auto-update by itself, how did I know that it no longer supported Widnws 2000. Just for those who say Update my OS, I assume they only have one system - I have 8 differnet systems, running windows 2000. Vista, 7, 8, Unix and OSX. The topic is to document the NEW requirement, noy ask help getting around it. I agree it may not be considered a Program Bug, "per say", but why was it not listed in the Change Log by the Developers - Failing to Document all changes is a BUG in poor user notifications.
  9. Message "CCleaner requires Windows XP or later." Last version okay on Windows 2000 - 3.28.1913
  10. Just Installed and Ran 3.22.1800 on my Windows 2000 machine -- Installed without error and Tested Cleaner, Registry and Tools all ran perfectly fine -- Great work.. Consider this issue solved and closed
  11. Updated from 3.20.1750 to 3.21.1767. Downloaded files from both FileHippo and Piriform. I run Windows 2000, have never has a problem with CCleaner before. After upgrate now get Windows error box: CCleaner.exe - Entry point WTSGetActiveConsoleSessionId could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll Reinstalling back to 3.20.1750 - older version okay again.
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