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  1. Oh Okay, but I wasn't since you can see I quoted VanguardLH. I'm booted to Windows 7 IE11 anyway and what Augeas was posting about was a different setup, and so there's nothing I could comment on. It's all good though, thanks for the reply, appreciated the thought. PS. Did I say how much I appreciate CCleaner, as well as Recuva - both Excellent programs!
  2. Hey not so fast - I am absolutely not on any websites side in any way shape or form, and did not intend for it to sound that way. I said that it needs to be enabled by default since some sites I need to visit don't work right otherwise, and so in the thought to have a decent browsing experience and work right I need it to be set enabled and rightly so. The problem with websites using DOM Storage for cheating to get information, well I Always try very hard Not to let that happen since I run CCleaner a lot ! ..especially after I make a purchase, visit any of my financial, or anything half impo
  3. I don't think compromise is the right word here. DOM Storage is set enabled by default and rightly so, since you would Not want it disabled all the time since it would cause problems with some websites not rendering properly. We've confirmed and found that out the hard way. It's already been expressed that we would like Cleaner engineers to add a check box for DOM Storage cleaning for those that use Internet Explorer so that it would clear itself automatically during a regular run cleaner session. In the meantime, for IE users on Windows 7 anyway, it's so darn easy to add that checkbox
  4. ..and thank you for your help Andavari; also thanks to everyone in the thread which I've already expressed. In the past years for privacy or whatever, it was always advised to have the Internet Explorer Options of DOMStore disabled so that it would not store information from your website visits, etc. Come to find out for 'some' websites having it disabled 'Does Cause Dysfunction' and it took me too many years to narrow it down to that setting! ...fixed Also the neat thing besides having that portion of the internet work better now, is with CCleaner whenever I want with one click, I c
  5. Hi dvdbane, Yes! that was easy! It works! Before I tried what you said, just to save it I made a copy of yesterdays ccleaner.ini with those Include entires from VanguardLH which had worked fine that way too, and replaced the ccleaner.ini to the days prior with my regular settings; then I copied the winapp2.ini which Adavari made (identical to the one I made) and placed that, and started ccleaner, and yes DOMStore* is listed now under the Applications tab at the very bottom under the header Internet Explorer with DOMStore its only listing. I just used Analyze on it first for the heck
  6. using IE11 in Win7 On post #1 where it says ''Direct Download'' I relalize I can just rename it to .ini afterwards, but why when I double click to download winapp2.ini, it just opens in html, or if I right click and save target as, it still wants to save as an html? I want it so that when I double click to download it that my browser pops up the dialog 'save as' box like it normally does with all my other downloads. It does not matter whether I enable Internet Options Mime Sniffing or not, which I thought maybe was the issue so I changed it one way or another. What am I missing?
  7. Good Morning Adavari, Thank you for all your replies to be of help! fwiw, using the Include, I see that the "Custom Files and Folders" gets automatically ticked whenever you hit the Add button and Include extra things for it to do, confirmed, but thank you very much for thinking about that issue and letting me know just in case. I am very handy for sure, but I've spent an hour trying to get this to work but for whatever reason I just couldn't get it to show up like you have in your IE_DOMStore.png ! I have tried it every which way. It's got me bugged because I am very capable an
  8. <edited quote> Vanguard, your first (and subsequesnt replies) is what Google searching brought me to this year because I've always had my Internet Options> Advanced tab for "Enable DOM Storage" ....unchecked = disabled, and is like I have always done for many years throughout the different versions of OS's and their respective IE versions I used, but little did I know until yesterday that the reasons why I was having problems with some websites not working right, was that unless I had that option "Enable DOM Storage" check marked = Enabled, that they would not render properly. I
  9. Thank you for your reply. I tried to figure out how to do it for the last 15 minutes. I'll have to read it all again in the morning, it's been a long day at work and I'm spent I guess I don't see any step by step instructions how to do this though. I tried my best, when I was done I don't see any listing of DOMStore as your screenshot shows. Need Sleep First to rejuvenate, Thank you
  10. I would like to put my vote in to have CCleaner put in a checkbox to clear the DOMStore cache also. In the meantime, Andavari, would you please explain a little more in detail exactly what I need to do right now to set CCleaner to do this too please. I want to set my CCleaner up to clear DOMStore each time I run CCleaner too. I use IE11 on Windows 7 fwiw Clearing the DOMStore cache is only extra thing I want to add on to CCleaners function. Thank you edit, I just found your thread about "Winapp2.ini additions" I have to read it more, but again Clearing the DOMSt
  11. When it comes to Windows 7 and IE10, is it correct to assume that the coders are aware that it's not currently cleaning IE10 properly and are working on it? ...and when they are done the goal is that CCleaner will soon be able to clear all areas of IE just as thoroughly as it did before, especially! clear all the areas that the previous index.dat files reign took care of but now clean them within their new name and environment. Are those assumptions correct ? In the meantime is okay to use CCleaner as long as we uncheck all the boxes under the Internet Explorer header? Thank you much
  12. More info onto my last post as it relates to Win7 IE10 It looks like in IE10 the index.dat files are now named 'container.dat' instead, and I can see in the half dozen places where there was an index.dat file it was 'replaced' with a container dat ...interesting. Also I notice that that in CCleaner IE tab right clicking on the index.dat listing, and clicking the Analyze button, no data shows up for it anymore. I noticed to edit my message here properly I had to put this Piriform website in Compatibility Mode in order for things to work right. My bank works better in Compatibility Mod
  13. I had the same problem with IE10 on Win7 too. I wondered why I could not get things to work on my banks website after I ran CC hope this issue is figured out
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