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  1. My guess is the zoom history (or per-site preference) is stored in: C:\Users\<myAccount>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences Within that file, I found the following string (newlines added for clarity): {"default_zoom_level":{"x":0}, "per_host_zoom_levels":{"x": {"<siteURL>":{"last_modified":"13193563712019947","zoom_level":2.223901085741545}},... ... } which looks something like XML where the default zoom level (as an offset) is specified followed by records within that record for specific sites and their zoom levels. That is a
  2. hazelnut, the rawinfopages article was already mentioned in my opening post. As for an option within Chrome to purge the zoom history, I also included a link to a bug ticket asking for that feature to Chrome (which also linked to even older threads asking for the feature). The feature was added; however, the bug ticket says to add "Site settings" to the items included under "Clear browsing data" but, in fact, it was the "Content settings" item that got added (or Site Settings was included under Content Settings) and under which zoom history got included. Using Chrome's own "Clear browsi
  3. nukecad, nice stab at trying to determine the source of the problem but it assumes that CCleaner is purging the zoom history (part of Content Data) and that Chrome's sync is putting it back. Nope, not true. Disable Chrome's sync. Visit a number of sites where you change the zoom away from the default, like using Ctrl+mousewheel to zoom in or out. Exit Chrome. Reload Chrome and visit chrome://settings/content/zoomLevels. Yep, those sites where you changed the zoom level are STILL listed in Chrome's zoom history. And that was with Chrome's sync disabled! CCleaner is not deleting the
  4. (Originally I noticed the zoom history was storing a list of sites I visited where the zoom level was changed and that's what I started noting in my report here; however, then I noticed per a bug ticket that the zoom history would get purged by using Chrome's "Clear browsing history" function and electing to include "Content settings". Yet CCleaner has no option to include purging of Chrome's content settings - so users are stuck having to use both Chrome's "Clear browsing history" with content data selected and then using CCleaner. A cleaner CCleaner usage would be to have CCleaner do the C
  5. I as using CCleaner 5.43.6522 (free) which notified me there was a newer version. I downloaded and installed 5.44.6575. When loaded, it now pukes out a spam window at the lower right corner of the screen. CCleaner has become adware flashing ads in my face. No thanks. Luckily I still had the installer for the older version and used that to step on the new adware version. I've used CCleaner for many years, so many that I don't remember when I started using it. Time to look for replacement(s) to supplant the functionality in CCleaner free and don't have ads popping up on the screen. A
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