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  1. Bump, aiting for feedback from other users and Piriform staff.
  2. It seems it is a problem with flash (11) and not Chrome directly.
  3. What do you mean? I use always the stable version with 2 user profiles. Never had the beta version
  4. Always latest version (chrome autoupdates itself in the background on every computer on the world) I ticked all entries for chrome but not datqbases and passwords. Also flash player under multimedia is ticked. No chrome closes completely, no more running processes which could cause this issue. I am using 2 users / profiles in chrome
  5. I am using CCleaner and just Google Chrome. Sometimes I play online flashgames and it seems CCleaner doesnt delete the flash cookies (latest flash version) Always when I load the game website after using CCleaner it seems the cookies are still existing. But when I delete all data in Chrome directly using the settings then they are gone. I am using Win7 Home Premium 64bit
  6. Well Java for example has methods and classes for using ini files. C too. Is not os dependent.
  7. just affecting the forum software, there were php files changed
  8. Is there a version for the mac version of ccleaner? How do we then difference the entries in the ini file for each operating difference?
  9. Right I forgot to mention, all the windows logs should also be deletable.
  10. Some files / dirs were not deleted when I deinstalled some software and there are some more paths / dirs / files which can be deleted like: C:\ProgramData\PC Tools\DownloadManager (old installers) C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Setup (old installers from adobe) C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets C:\Users\...l\AppData\Local\Downloaded Installations (also some unnecessary old installers) C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow (same?) there could be some more maybe
  11. So everyone understands it: someone hacked the forum and got access to the file system. They changed some files and included an iframe. The iframe loaded the new blackhole exploit kit v2. And this loaded (on my machine where I saw this) some payload, it loaded also a jar file. Google chrome blocked it for me directly. The php error was due to the changed files and just fooled you. There was more than only this error message, the iframe, but you could not see it.
  12. but it works using the normal windows add / remove program tool. CCleaner showed me a warning that it could not find the corresponding files. I am using Win 7 64 bit Home Premium
  13. It says "In 3% Sekunden 1256 Dateien gefunden (davon 18446744073009550360 - or any other value bigger than the count of the found files ignoriert)."in german That seems to be completely wrong.
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