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  1. Hey Opera made a new build and it is Version:15.0.1147.148 Update stream:Stable System:Windows XP 32-bit Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.72 Safari/537.36 OPR/15.0.1147.148 Install: C:\Program Files\Opera Profile: C:\Documents and Settings\doyle\Application Data\Opera Software\Opera Stable Cache: C:\Documents and Settings\doyle\Local Settings\Application Data\Opera Software\Opera Stable Opera is now Chromium based. Ccleaner doesn't see this build of Opera. Please redo cleaning routine for the new Opera browser.
  2. I know Spotfy's storage folder grows rapidly if you are a heavy listener. Its hardly possible to use Ccleaner to delete all those folders without other bugs occuring. Why fix it if it isnt broke? Simplest to just erase the folders and leave the folder intact. It may be folder permission attributes that prevent Ccleaner from seeing these folders or not. The Piriform developers know and I am sure they are curious and scratching their heads wondering how did they do that? Some things like this will be reasonably placed on the back seat and when a break through comes they might just jump on it. Spotify is not a typical browser. A large storage folder is isn't really bad on performance its the amount of P2P connections on the Spotify network. There is some cpu load per connection each one is very small but they add up to a bigger load. Your pc has to get the packets from the respective .file send it out and at the same time write new packets to the hard drive for new music this also increases hard drive activity a little. I've counted no more that 50 peers in TCP View on the Spotify.exe process. Its a fun project to try to see what works so I tried. Thus far, it's not really that beneficial. If you try to clean it it will break if you don't it will have a small performance issue but it will clear up. Don't have any more than 3 apps in spotify.
  3. AHHH!!! USBDVIEW!!! completely freeware allows you to see disconnected and connected USB devices. Allows you to uninstall USB devices as well. Very effective! Google USBDVIEW!
  4. Thread has aged a bit However, One thing needs to be addressed because Spotify changed the registry entry. [spotify] LangSecref=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\Spotify <<<<<<<<<<see Note Default=false FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Spotify\Storage\ |*.*<<<see Update Note: The registry entry is not as you expected neither will it be because Spotify needs it's users to help P2P the music pk's. The cache is very vital for premium accounts for offline listening as well as faster loading time if you need to replay a song. If deleted, you lose the music you wanted to keep. The only location I found Spotify to be now a days is in APPLIES TO WINDOWS XP SP3! Windows Vista and Windows 7 needs to be verified. I do not have Vista nor 7. WARNING: The registry is very sensitive and not recommended to tinker with please! HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\spotify<<install directory HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\Spotify.m4a<< file association HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\Spotify.m4p<< file association HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\Spotify.mp3<< file association HKEY_CLASS_ROOT\Spotify.mp4<< file association (folders marked 'file association' are for local media playback. Spotify will not stream local media. local media is the .mp3's .ogg's, .wma's, .aac's, etc NOT the .file files in the Spotify cache!) Maybe changing the line 2 to read: Detect=HKCR\spotify\ might work? Update 2 minutes later: I changed the registry entry to HKCR\spotify\. Ccleaner detected it but only seeing 119kb for cleaning. Something is wrong with FileKey1= line for it to detect all files and folders in Spotify\Storage directory in which mine is shy of 1 gb of data. It is seeing the index.dat file only. Same result after 5 presses of the analyze button. Thats all i got for now. the FileKey part i cant remember how to make the right switch and I need some shut eye its 123am in central USA. thanks and hopefully this will get us somewhere. Edit: I cant sleep yet I have to say when you delete the Storage cache delete the folders inside Storage and the .dat file. Thanks again
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