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  1. Here's a conundrum the free version cleans MUCH faster than the version I paid $$$$ for, it routinely stops at 43% and takes FOREVER to complete plus it HOGS my computer doing whatever at startup so I am sticking with the free version for good WORKS GREAT somebody check this out please.
  2. ? What gives ? Analysis phase stuck at 43% and churns away for 10 minutes maxxing out the disk activity, why is IT DOING THIS?
  3. Ok this is good, let me check all this, lots of possible answers thanks.
  4. Ok uploading screen shots of this! Screen shots taken 2 minutes apart as you can see..what the heck is going on.
  5. There's an option to EXPORT but it just exports the NAMES! I want to do a fresh install, after completely removing the program but KEEP my keep cookies!
  6. Ok these are some great suggestions, yes I am running the free version of CCleaner, but this is a troubling issue, can I send screenshots of before and after cleanings........................how can I upload? Running Win-7 32 bit with all updates, 9 month old install, run a very clean machine, no intrusive symantec-Norton-Mcafee octopus virus suites running (hate those), no torrent programs...no unusual BHO's...no unusual autoruns....no strange event viewer messages. I do not run registry cleaners. I have re-installed this....using 3.20.1750... this appears old already! I am going to install newer version. Did not seem to occur with prior cleaner. How does CCleaner store paths to search? Hmmmm.
  7. This is a reposting, nobody really answered. Using Win-7 latest etc. When I click on Analyze, 0 temporary internet files are found (other files are found - but not correct number either!). When I Run Cleaner, it finds correctly all files that can be deleted, thousands of temp internet files etc. Why is ANALYZE not finding these files, anybody seeing this or have an answer. DEV people can you check on this. Tech Support told me "Yeah well, it may not check all the places on ANALYZE where files can be found" This does not make much sense.
  8. Hello, I direct all support personnel to THIS link: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itprogeneral/thread/e286be80-ed7e-4026-b6b7-d512ff642db5/' There is a critical remark/discussion about certain event-errors in windows being logged/generated as a result of a recent piriform update, if you check the Application tab "SEARCH" box for cleaning. I am having the EXACT same problems described in this link, and I will see if this still occurs after unchecking meanwhile I invite Piriform support to investigate this issue thoroughly. MORE: 1811 errors being generated: Windows (3084) Windows: Error -1811 occurred while opening logfile C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\MSS00032.log. ** Windows does NOT like you deleting these logs! They seem to cause a cascade of other errors!!!
  9. Here's a REAL strange one. I have this option checked however on ANALYSIS, CC NEVER FINDS any temporary internet files - there's not even a line item shown for this item- Cookies, History, no prob but NO temporary internet files! However when I RUN CLEANER, it then has NO PROBLEM finding temporary internet files indicating how many MB or whatever were removed and I can click on the item and see them all! WHAT is this? Reinstalled, made no difference! ***OTHER variation on this, number of temp i.e. files reported after analysis WAY too low! Have Win 7 latest everything IE 9.0 latest CC latest etc.
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